Empower your Business with Microsoft Power Platform Wednesday, February 10, 20210

Empower your Business with Microsoft Power Platform

Efficiency is key for sustained success across organizations and industries, especially as everyone is looking for new ways of working to be more adaptable and resilient to change. This brings us to the Microsoft Power Platform, a solution to analyse data, build solutions, automate processes, create virtual agents, and more.

Microsoft Teams – Meetings, Chats, Channels, Calls, and New Features Tuesday, February 2, 20210

Microsoft Teams – Meetings, Chats, Channels, Calls, and New Features

Since its launch, Microsoft Teams is gaining more and more attention. The success is a result of the useful features and easy integration. The application is basically a hub for teamwork integrating tools and capabilities to help works in their daily routine. It’s the primary client for Intelligent Communications in Office 365, replacing Skype for Business Online over time. Teams is under constant update and improvements with new tools and features available. Our latest blog post reveals the new features available to start this 2021. 

Excel Tips and Tricks from our Experts Thursday, January 28, 20210

Excel Tips and Tricks from our Experts

In the article below we addressed a couple of our latest Excel tips to help you to work faster using Excel in your daily routine. You will learn how to deselect cells or a range from a current selection, how to quick analyse data in Excel, to add a conditional column, and finally add a column from an example.

Find out the Top Tech Salaries in Ireland Wednesday, January 13, 20210

Find out the Top Tech Salaries in Ireland

After a challenging 2020, we cannot say that we are facing a less traumatic start in 2021. Besides the economic downturns all over the world, the tech sector still a promising one. Particularly in Ireland, it is an area which still hiring and even opening more positions. Working from home forced some companies to face digital transformation seriously and invest in technology to enable their employees to work from anywhere.

Microsoft Certification Paths 2021 Tuesday, December 1, 20200

Microsoft Certification Paths 2021

As happens almost every year Microsoft has updated its Certification program for 2021, releasing new exams and courses to keep the IT pros on topic with new certification paths. The updates are designed to reflect the reality that the professionals are facing in the market. They follow the industry trends and lead the candidates to a higher level of expertise in the path that they choose.

How to be Cybersafe while Working from Home Tuesday, November 24, 20200

How to be Cybersafe while Working from Home

Covid-19 and remote work is leading to an unprecedented increase in cyber-attacks. A new study from VMWare shows that most businesses have seen an uptick in cyber-attacks since the pandemic took over the world. Remote work brings additional cybersecurity challenges as employees log on through their home networks or with personal devices that might not be as secure as office environments. Cybercriminals tend to be one step ahead and are also targeting the cloud, which most organizations are relying on to help facilitate remote work during the pandemic.

Business Writing Tips and Techniques Friday, November 6, 20200

Business Writing Tips and Techniques

One of the trends that we have been observing since a massive part of the workforce worldwide adopted work from home is the necessity of business writing brush up. In the beginning, companies moved massively to apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and others to accommodate their communication needs. Then it came to the “zoom fatigue” as some teams were expending most of their working hours attending online meetings. To avoid that more emails are being sent, consequently, people are again exploring writing communication.

Cybersecurity Ultimate Tips to Keep you Protected Wednesday, October 7, 20200

Cybersecurity Ultimate Tips to Keep you Protected

The year 2020 has been particularly challenging as we are living in the middle of a pandemic, working from home or remotely which makes all of us an easy target for cyber-attacks and breaches. As October is the cybersecurity awareness month, we gathered a couple of tips and tricks from our cyber specialists to help you in the difficult mission of keeping your devices and your company cyber-safe.


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