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7 reasons why Cisco CCNA certification makes a difference

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Plus we have an special offer for CCNA!

Being a certified IT professional can make the difference in a competitive industry and this applies to all IT careers. The networking industry is no different. Holding a CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate certification can be game changing for IT professionals. Not only does the certification help your career options, but the knowledge gained will help you deal with the latest Cisco technologies.

Special Offer

At New Horizons Ireland, we offer a wide range of Cisco courses with a special offer for those looking particularly for a CCNA certification. You can get both preparation courses in an special offer, as shown below:

  1. ICND1 - Cisco® Interconnecting Cisco® Networking Devices Part 1 v3.0 
  2. ICND2 - Cisco® Interconnecting Cisco® Networking Devices Part 2 v3.0 
  3. Exam

All for just €1997. The normally price is €3747. 

This option is available in our mentored learning classroom, which was designed to help students to develop their potentials. You can choose the dates you would like to attend, it means that you can take your time without disrupting your daily routine. In the mentored learning classroom, you will be full-time assisted by our instructors to ensure that you can get 100% of the content. You can watch the videos and do the labs multiple times. So, it helps you to be fully prepared for the exam.

Reasons why you should get a CCNA certification

1. You’ll Be Certified by the Networking Leader

Cisco pioneered routing and switching technologies. The overwhelming majority of today’s Internet traffic travels over network pathways built with Cisco infrastructure products. If you’re trained and certified to work on Cisco products, your skills will be more marketable, and more in demand.

2. Certification Gives You More Career Options

After getting a CCNA Routing and Switching Certification, you can continue upward along the Routing and Switching Track or you can apply your core skill to technologies such as Cloud, Collaboration, Data Center, Network Programmability, Wireless, and Security. These growing specialties are propelling IT forward.

3. Certification Helps You Stand Out with Your Employer

By pursuing your Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Certification, you’re telling your employer that you want to excel in your career. Managers notice that kind of initiative. There’s also credibility associated with Cisco certifications. In a 2015 Illuminas survey, 200 U.S. IT managers placed Cisco certifications first, above those of six other well-known certification providers.

4. Certification Gives You a Full Range of Training Options

New Horizons Ireland offers a complete suite of flexible training options to make it easier for you to earn your CCNA Routing and Switching Certification. Check out all New Horizons Ireland Cisco courses.

5. Certification Helps Increase Your Paycheck

Salaries for IT networking jobs continue to surge, often fueled by a worldwide talent shortage. And your Cisco certification increases your earning potential. In addition, many organizations frequently offer lucrative rewards and recognition for employees who earn Cisco certifications.

6. Certification Keeps You Current on All the Latest Technology Changes

Cisco CCNA preparation considers the changing IT landscape for myriad technological developments that have an impact on our certifications and your job role as a networking pro. Cisco’s CCNA latest revision to the curriculum incorporates an understanding of quality of service (QoS) elements and their applicability, the interactions and network functions of firewalls, and wireless controllers and access points, along with additional focus on IPv6 and basic network security. As an example of the updates.

7. Certification Prepares You for Network Evolution in the Digital Era

As business becomes increasingly transformed by digitization, the network infrastructure is experiencing radical change. Professionals looking to advance in IT networking today need to embrace this shift. Cisco has introduced its Digital Network Architecture (DNA) to exploit the power of today’s network and is committed to helping you align to it starting with CCNA Routing and Switching

Prepare yourself for your next goal with New Horizons team. Talk with one of our Account Managers to get an effective career advice. We have the best IT instructor team’s in Ireland to help you in your next career goal.

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