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Analysing Data with Microsoft Power BI - Upcoming Dates

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Analysing Data with Microsoft Power BI - Upcoming Dates

Check out below our upcoming dates for the course DA-100 - Analysing Data with Microsoft Power BI delivered Online Live by our instructors

These courses will be delivered by our Online LIVE method, so your team can attend from home or remotely from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. It’s the same instructors, same courseware, same content, everything is the same except your team will be fresher as no travelling to a training centre/work and back. Some say it’s actually better because you get 6 month’s access to the course recording to review at anytime and help prepare for the exam in case you are planning to sit one. Special Offer for bookings made before the 31st of July of 2020. 

DA-100 - Analysing Data with Microsoft Power BI - 5 days

  • This course will discuss the various methods and best practices that are in line with business and technical requirements for modelling, visualizing, and analysing data with Power BI.
  • It will also show how to access and process data from a range of data sources including both relational and non-relational data.
  • The students will explore how to implement proper security standards and policies across the Power BI spectrum including datasets and groups.
  • They will also discuss how to manage and deploy reports and dashboards for sharing and content distribution.
  • Finally, this course will show how to build paginated reports within the Power BI service and publish them to a workspace for inclusion within Power BI.
Upcoming Dates


  • Monday the 31st of August to Friday the 4th of September (9:30am until 5pm)
  • Monday the 14th – Friday the 18th of September (2pm until 10pm) 
  • Monday the 5th – Friday the 9th of October (2pm until 10pm) 
  • Monday the 12th –  Friday the 16th of October (9:30am until 5pm)

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Ingest, clean, and transform data
  • Model data for performance and scalability
  • Design and create reports for data analysis
  • Apply and perform advanced report analytics
  • Manage and share report assets
  • Create paginated reports in Power BI

Course Outline

1 - Get Started with Microsoft Data Analytics

•Data Analytics and Microsoft

•Getting Started with Power BI

•Tour and use the Power BI service

•Power BI in the Enterprise

•Knowledge Check 

8 - Create Dashboards

•Create a Dashboard

•Real-time Dashboards

•Enhance a Dashboard

•Knowledge Check 


2 - Prepare Data in Power BI

•Get data from various data sources

•Optimize performance

•Resolve data errors

•Knowledge Check 

9 - Create Paginated Reports in Power BI

•Paginated report overview

•Create Paginated reports

•Knowledge Check 


3 - Clean, Transform, and Load Data in Power BI

•Data shaping

•Enhance the data structure

•Data Profiling

•Knowledge Check 

10 - Perform Advanced Analytics

•Advanced Analytics

•Data Insights through AI visuals

•Knowledge Check 


4 - Design a Data Model in Power BI

•Introduction to data modeling

•Working with tables

•Dimensions and Hierarchies

•Knowledge Check 

11 - Create and Manage Workspaces

•Creating Workspaces

•Sharing and Managing Assets

•Knowledge Check 


5 - Create Measures using DAX in Power BI

•Introduction to DAX

•DAX context

•Advanced DAX

•Knowledge Check 

12 - Manage Datasets in Power BI



•Knowledge Check 


6 - Optimize Model Performance

•Using Variables

•Fine-tune the data model

•Optimize DirectQuery Models

•Create and manage Aggregations

•Knowledge Check

13 - Row-level security

•Security in Power BI

•Knowledge Check




7 - Create Reports

•Design a report

•Enhance the report

•Knowledge Check 



Target Audience

The audience for this course is data professionals and business intelligence professionals who want to learn how to accurately perform data analysis using Power BI. This course is also targeted toward those individuals who develop reports that visualize data from the data platform technologies that exist on both in the cloud and on-premises.

Other Prerequisites

In addition to their professional experience, students who take this training should have technical knowledge equivalent to the information found in the Azure Fundamentals course.

Live Instructor-led Training

Online LIVE

New Horizons Ireland delivers training through our live instructor training platform, Online LIVE.

Online LIVE is an integrated learning experience, using the internet to provide live, interactive lessons between an instructor and students. Although separated by geography, instructors and students share active discussions, practice labs, simultaneous document viewing, and virtual rooms for breakout groups.  

Remote students are able to HEAR and SEE the instructor's lecture, presentations, and demonstrations, as well as perform labs by remotely controlling the in-classroom student computer. The instructor has the ability to take control of your in-classroom computer if assistance is needed with any lab work. Students may ask questions at any time via chat or voice.

You can interact live with the instructor and complete all the labs in real-time.

Benefits of Online Live:

  • 6 Months Access to Course Recording – to review after the course to reinforce knowledge gained from the course
  • Reduce travel costs and time
  • Live access to instructors with industry experience
  • Participation in a LIVE classroom environment
  • Attend the course from anywhere with internet access
  • Practice labs in a virtual environment for hands-on experience

Included with all courses to maximize the learning experience:

  • Deluxe USB Stereo Headphones with Microphone 
  • LED-backlit monitor AOC 21.5" B2C FHD VGA DVI 

This course normally costs €1950. ​Special Price for bookings made before the 31st of July of 2020 = €1650.

How to Guarantee Your Offer at New Horizons Ireland?

At New Horizons Ireland we offer a wide range of course options tailored to help you with your career journey. Do you want to know more about our courses and special offers? Talk to one of our Account Managers, they can help you to choose the best training option according to your needs.  

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