Windows 11 - What You Need To Know Tuesday, August 10, 20210

Windows 11 - What You Need To Know

Windows 11 is a successor to Windows 10 and boasts slicker design and new features to increase productivity. Actually the users interface looks fairly different to Windows 10.

Microsoft Certification Paths 2021 Tuesday, July 20, 20210

Microsoft Certification Paths 2021

As happens almost every year Microsoft has updated its Certification program for 2021, releasing new exams and courses to keep the IT pros on topic with new certification paths. The updates are designed to reflect the reality that the professionals are facing in the market. They follow the industry trends and lead the candidates to a higher level of expertise in the path that they choose.

How to be Cybersafe while Working from Home Tuesday, November 24, 20200

How to be Cybersafe while Working from Home

Covid-19 and remote work is leading to an unprecedented increase in cyber-attacks. A new study from VMWare shows that most businesses have seen an uptick in cyber-attacks since the pandemic took over the world. Remote work brings additional cybersecurity challenges as employees log on through their home networks or with personal devices that might not be as secure as office environments. Cybercriminals tend to be one step ahead and are also targeting the cloud, which most organizations are relying on to help facilitate remote work during the pandemic.

Online Live Training Explained Tuesday, August 4, 20200

Online Live Training Explained

At New Horizons Ireland we have plenty of experience delivering online live training all over the world. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances with COVID-19 some companies and professionals are now facing the reality of online courses for the first time. As long-time providers and pioneers in this modality, we can guarantee the best experience for our clients. Our trainers are highly skilled in delivering online live courses, which means they know exactly the ways of interacting and conducting online classes.

Azure Training Day - New Dublin Dates Monday, April 20, 20200

Azure Training Day - New Dublin Dates

Join us at the free Microsoft Azure Training Day: Fundamentals to improve your understanding of cloud concepts and acquire the knowledge you need to earn the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification. Learn basic strategies for transitioning to the cloud along with concepts including security, high availability, scalability, elasticity, agility, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery.

New PowerPoint Features and Presenting Tips Thursday, January 24, 20190

New PowerPoint Features and Presenting Tips

Pitching ideas is not easy and can be a challenge at the best of times. Knowing how to use technology and new features can give you the edge and increase your confidence. Being familiar with the latest features in presentation software like PowerPoint can help you stand out from the crowd and impress your audience during a presentation. Of course, it's also a good idea to know the best practices when it comes to presenting, so we will cover both here in this blog post.

New Data Centre Certifications Thursday, January 10, 20190

New Data Centre Certifications

New Horizons Ireland are launching new Data Centre certifications which can be achieved by sitting the below courses and sitting the requisite exams. The list included oficial curses from EPI, Cisco and VMWare. Access below to check.

Watch Now - Creativity in Technology - Dan Goods Tuesday, January 1, 20190

Watch Now - Creativity in Technology - Dan Goods

Dan Goods leads a team that is revolutionizing how NASA thinks. Now you can join Dan as he discusses how to include creativity in everything you do, from interactions with those around you to the career where you spend so much of your time.


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