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Azure Certifications for Developers

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Learn more about the latest Azure certifications for developers 2022

Azure certifications for developers 2022

We have put together the latest Azure certifications for developers made available by Microsoft in 2022.

Please click the links below to view the course outline for each appropriate certification course.

Azure Developer Associate

Azure Developers design, build, test, and maintain cloud applications and services.

  • Develop Azure compute solutions
  • Develop for Azure storage
  • Implement Azure security
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions
  • Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services

Required Exams / Courses

Azure IoT Developer Speciality

Azure IoT Developers create and maintain the cloud and edge portions of an IoT solution.

  • Set up the IoT Solution Infrastructure
  • Provision and Manage Devices
  • Implement IoT Edge
  • Implement Business Integration
  • Process and Manage Data
  • Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Optimize IoT Solutions
  • Implement Security

Required Exams / Courses:

Azure AI Engineer Associate

Azure AI Engineers build, manage, and deploy AI solutions that leverage Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cognitive Search, and Microsoft Bot Framework.

  • Plan and manage an Azure cognitive services solution
  • Implement computer vision solutions
  • Implement natural language processing solutions
  • Implement knowledge mining solutions
  • Implement conversational AI solutions

Required Exams / Courses

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

DevOps Engineers work with people, processes, and technologies to continuously deliver business value.

  • Develop an instrumentation strategy
  • Develop a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy
  • Develop a security and compliance plan
  • Manage source control
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration
  • Define and implement continuous integration
  • Define and implement a continuous delivery and release management strategy

Prerequisites (One of the following):

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

Required Exams / Courses:

Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Azure Solution Architects design and implement solutions that run on Microsoft Azure, including aspects like compute, network, storage, and security.

  • Implement and monitor an Azure infrastructure
  • Implement management and security solutions
  • Implement solutions for apps
  • Implement and manage data platforms
  • Design monitoring
  • Design identity and security
  • Design data storage
  • Design business continuity
  • Design infrastructure

Required Exams / Courses:


  • Pass AZ-303 and AZ-304 (before they both retire on March 31, 2022)


View all Azure certification paths

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