Microsoft Teams – Meetings, Chats, Channels, Calls, and New Features Tuesday, February 2, 20210

Microsoft Teams – Meetings, Chats, Channels, Calls, and New Features

Since its launch, Microsoft Teams is gaining more and more attention. The success is a result of the useful features and easy integration. The application is basically a hub for teamwork integrating tools and capabilities to help works in their daily routine. It’s the primary client for Intelligent Communications in Office 365, replacing Skype for Business Online over time. Teams is under constant update and improvements with new tools and features available. Our latest blog post reveals the new features available to start this 2021. 

Business Writing Tips and Techniques Friday, November 6, 20200

Business Writing Tips and Techniques

One of the trends that we have been observing since a massive part of the workforce worldwide adopted work from home is the necessity of business writing brush up. In the beginning, companies moved massively to apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and others to accommodate their communication needs. Then it came to the “zoom fatigue” as some teams were expending most of their working hours attending online meetings. To avoid that more emails are being sent, consequently, people are again exploring writing communication.

ITIL 4 Guiding Principles and Who Should Take the Exam Wednesday, September 9, 20200

ITIL 4 Guiding Principles and Who Should Take the Exam

ITIL has become the standard in IT Service Management. It is a framework that helps organisations all over the world to offer their services with quality and efficiency. Under the new circumstances that the society is facing during the 2020 pandemic, ITIL is reaching even more popularity as a helpful framework to help companies to meet client’s demands and achieve digital transformation faster.

The Best Project Management Certifications Saturday, June 20, 20200

The Best Project Management Certifications

In the recent years Project Management crossed the IT barrier and became a role that is feasible to be found in all departments in an enterprise. Even though, Project Management is still a skill which is best developed with practical experience, Project Manager certifications are extremely popular and required for most of the job opportunities in this field. The certifications are also a safe route approved by the industry and well know among the companies. So, if you are looking for either a career advancement or a global position, these certifications can be a differentiating factor and a great starting point.

How to Work Together Using Microsoft Teams Wednesday, May 27, 20200

How to Work Together Using Microsoft Teams

Since the pandemic forced a good number of professionals from different areas to work from home and remote, something that was more common for the tech professional became a common part of our society. More and more industries are realising that it is possible to have part of their workforce remotely, therefore tools to integrate and connect these professionals are in high demand.

Online Anytime - Attend our Courses at Your Own Pace Thursday, April 9, 20200

Online Anytime - Attend our Courses at Your Own Pace

Online Anytime (OLA) is our e-Learning platform to deliver your training and allow you to do it at your own pace. It’s part of our wide range of training methods to get your qualification covered besides the circumstances. At New Horizons Ireland we understand that each student has different needs and availability. Our training programs were developed to provide you all the learning tools to grow your career and achieve your goals.

Data Scientist, Data Engineer or Data Analyst Tuesday, December 17, 20190

Data Scientist, Data Engineer or Data Analyst

Careers in data science have been listed as the hottest topics in IT in recent years. A recent survey from LinkedIn called “2020 Emerging Jobs Report” listed Data Scientist as one of the top-15 emerging jobs in the UK. It’s no different anywhere else in the world as the profession is getting incredibly popular. Businesses are demanding data scientists more than ever to help them understand their growing databases and uncover useful intelligence. 

What is Edge Computing Wednesday, August 14, 20190

What is Edge Computing

Companies that have already adopted edge computing have reported increased productivity, reduced costs and furthermore improved business processes. Even though the edge computing concept is not new, the increasing number of IoT devices connected to networks and large amounts of data being process is requiring a new approach. The solution for it is Edge Computing.


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