Find out the Top Tech Salaries in Ireland Wednesday, January 13, 20210

Find out the Top Tech Salaries in Ireland

After a challenging 2020, we cannot say that we are facing a less traumatic start in 2021. Besides the economic downturns all over the world, the tech sector still a promising one. Particularly in Ireland, it is an area which still hiring and even opening more positions. Working from home forced some companies to face digital transformation seriously and invest in technology to enable their employees to work from anywhere.

Microsoft Certification Paths 2021 Tuesday, December 1, 20200

Microsoft Certification Paths 2021

As happens almost every year Microsoft has updated its Certification program for 2021, releasing new exams and courses to keep the IT pros on topic with new certification paths. The updates are designed to reflect the reality that the professionals are facing in the market. They follow the industry trends and lead the candidates to a higher level of expertise in the path that they choose.

Analysing Data with Microsoft Power BI - Upcoming Dates Monday, July 13, 20200

Analysing Data with Microsoft Power BI - Upcoming Dates

These courses will be delivered by our Online LIVE method, so your team can attend from home or remotely from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. It’s the same instructors, same courseware, same content, everything is the same except your team will be fresher as no travelling to a training centre/work and back. Some say it’s actually better because you get 6 month’s access to the course recording to review at anytime and help prepare for the exam in case you are planning to sit one. Special Offer for bookings made before the 31st of July of 2020. 

How to Start and AWS Career and Get AWS Certified Wednesday, June 24, 20200

How to Start and AWS Career and Get AWS Certified

AWS Cloud professionals are in high demand, together with Microsoft Azure they are leading the cloud computing scenario. Most of the bigger enterprises keep both providers which means that IT professionals with knowledge in AWS and Azure are highly valuable. Considering that post-pandemic, cloud computing is the main skills that will be required from network professionals, an AWS career can guarantee you great options.

IT Skills to Master in a Post Pandemic World Wednesday, June 17, 20200

IT Skills to Master in a Post Pandemic World

The more we claim to have our pre-covid 19 life back, the more it shows that we will need to face a “new normal” in some spheres of our lives. Workplaces are not the same, shopping still not a pleasant experience, and the digitalization was never so easy and fast adopted. While much is still unknown, looking from the IT perspective network professionals should be the ones looking at how to revamp their skills, which technologies will come out stronger after the crises, what kind of projects to continue, and the ones that should be stopped.

Special Offer - Microsoft Funded Technical Courses Thursday, May 28, 20200

Special Offer - Microsoft Funded Technical Courses

Great news, we have secured Microsoft Funding for you for our Microsoft Technical courses running with our instructors in our Remote Mentored Learning classroom. The funding is available for all bookings made before the 30th of June and it includes Windows Server 2016, SLQ 2016, and Visual Studio course options.

COVID-19 Exam and Certification Updates Tuesday, April 21, 20200

COVID-19 Exam and Certification Updates

Check below the most recent updates from the main IT exam sponsors regarding their exams and certification dates. The information was provided by their official websites.

SCP: SolarWinds Certified Professional Monday, September 2, 20190

SCP: SolarWinds Certified Professional

With an EMEA head office in Mahon, Cork, SolarWinds has a strong following in the IT sector, they completely revamped the SCP program in 2018. In their own words “The revamped program provides access to geek-tested product-specific exams, advanced-level online training courses, exclusive access to expert-led live SCP webcasts, and more.”



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