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Cloud Computing Technology is an Essential Asset for IT Operations

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A new study released by CompTIA established Cloud Computing technology as an essential asset for IT operations

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that Cloud Computing occupies a unique place in IT history. The fact that companies who adopted cloud technologies were rewarded with cost benefits and increased flexibility is just one example of the huge potential behind the technology. In fact, cloud computing bridges two eras of enterprise technology, moving IT from a heavily tactical function to a valuable and strategic asset.

Cloud Adoption

Today cloud is a critical part of IT’s operation. According to the CompTIA study, nearly half of the companies claim that 31% to 60% of their IT systems are cloud-based, and many of those businesses are exploring optimisation to get the most out of the new models. Even though it's unlikely for most companies to have 100% of their architecture in the cloud, the percentage of IT   systems that is cloud-based is reaching critical mass. The graph below shows more precise data.

New skills required

Therefore, new and improved skills are being required from IT Pros. The image below demonstrates the top skills needed for cloud solutions. The demand for specialisation is a reality in this market, as  companies are looking for professionals who can adjust tools to provide tailored solutions in a short period of time.

Certainly not every company has the necessity to have separate individuals focused on each of these fields, it would depend on the company’s size and kind of business. However, many of these categories—such as virtualization—are extensions of traditional skills. Existing server administrators and network administrators will be in familiar territory as they pick up the cloud additions to their existing skill set. In this case deeper training and certification can focus on areas that are more cloud-specific like optimization or performance analytics.

Challenges X Benefits

As everything in life and business, there is challenges and benefits involved in the process of getting into cloud computing. After the first more complicates steps the benefits easily overcame the challenges. With the level of disruption that Cloud can bring to the business is not a surprise that IT Pros need to face a variety of new concepts and technologies during this process.  

Even though the top 4 challenges demand an extra effort from the team, the long-term of benefits are worthy. The adoption level from different sized companies shows that the challenges aren’t a stopper.

As the technology develops, the list of benefits for different companies is becoming more varied. For most companies, cost savings is the number one benefit. Cloud costs have been an area of debate, with early adopters expecting cost savings, then being surprised as the cost equation variance from workload to workload, and now eventually realising that savings tend to be the norm as the cloud grows in scope across the overall architecture.

Cloud and Emerging Technology

As we could see in the data above Cloud Computing moved fast from an emerging technology to an established one. This speed is due in part to the technology initiatives, such as digital transformation and virtual reality. It makes sense for the companies starting from the cloud solution first, as cloud is the foundation for all emerging technologies available in the market.

Once the cloud is settled, they can widen the scope of technological possibilities and accelerate the plans they are putting in place. From data analytics to mobile backends, end users can get the benefit of advanced tool sets without having to make a full investment or build all the skills required for doing the work in-house. The graph below exposes the main ways which cloud computing can enable emerging technologies.

*You can access the full CompTIA report clicking here.

How to overcome the learning curve

The Cloud Computing learning curve for IT Pros in cloud computing can present a series of variables. Those already working with infrastructure and networking can easily jump some steps, the ones who are starting from the scratch it can maybe require more qualification and time invested. In both scenarios New Horizons Ireland provide a full range of Cloud Computing training options from the most relevant vendors in the market.

Choose the right course is a key element when you need to overcome knowledge barriers in a short period of time. That’s why our team will assess your goals and skills very deeply to make sure that you will take the most from your training.

Click here to access our list of Cloud Computing courses, including CompTIA Cloud, VWware, Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and more.

New Horizons Ireland students also can do their training in the Mentored Learning option, which is a blend between online and instructor led at your own pace and in the way that best suits your schedule. You will be guided from our certified instructors the whole time through the labs and content.

Access here the Mentored Learning course list

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