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Connect Google Analytics with Power BI for better analysis

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Integrate your Analytics account with Power BI and get better analysis and different tools to improve the quality of your data

Google Analytics is one of those sources of data that are easy to use and manage. If you want to go beyond the basics and leverage the quality of your analysis, Microsoft Power BI can be an option. With simple steps you can integrate your account and start to extract new graphs and deliver new forms of information from your Google Analytics Account.

Power BI Features

Power BI is a Microsoft application created to simplify business intelligence for analysts, developers and business users. It allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources, streamline data preparation and visualise the insights in an easy way. You can create reports in minutes that condense millions of pieces of data.

What you can do with Power BI

Integrate data from existing applications: Power BI integrates with your current business environment, so you can adopt analytics and reporting capabilities across applications. You can pull in data from just about anywhere, including Azure, Exchange, SharePoint, Salesforce and even Facebook.

  • Create personalised dashboards: The most important feature of Power BI is the ability to create customised information dashboards. You can embed custom dashboards and BI reports in any application that Power BI is connected to.
  • Quickly extract business intelligence: Power BI transforms your enterprise data into rich visuals, making it easy to distill intelligent insights for quicker and more accurate decision-making.
  • Securely publish reports: You can set up an automatic data refresh and publish reports to give all users access to the latest information.

Why Connect your Analytics Account with Power BI?

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to analyse website traffic and behaviour. It’s an essential tool for most of the business and can deliver even more insights and reports, once is integrated with Power BI. Below you can see the main features you can get with the integration.

  • Get more answers to data questions: By amplifying your web data in Power BI, you can uncover hidden relationships or patterns that give way to new opportunities.
  • Explore data in new ways: Compare your Google Analytics data with external data trends that are influencing the marketplace. Connect marketing data to other sales, finance or operational data – or import data from external sources and evaluate your web performance against industry trends.
  • Expand your business insights: when Power BI is working with Google Analytics data you can see the big picture and take business insights to a higher level.

How to Connect Your Account

1 - Select Apps in the left navigation pane > select Get apps in the upper-right corner or in the centre of the main area in some versions.

2 - In AppSource, select the Apps tab, and search for the service you want.

3 - Select Google Analytics > Get.

4 - When prompted, enter your Google Analytics credentials. Select oAuth 2 as the Authentication Mechanism and click Sign In. Follow the Google authentication flow, which may include 2-factor authentication if you have it configured.

5 - Click Accept to allow Power BI to access your Google Analytics data.

6 - Power BI connects to a specific Google Analytics View. Select the account name, property name and view name you’d like to connect to. This information can be found in your Google Analytics account, either in the top left or on the Home tab. See details below.

7 - Click Connect to begin the import process.

How to Visualise Google Analytics Data in Power BI

Once the process is finished, you can start to use Power BI’s visualisation tools to drill down into your website data. You can create an interactive 3D map that shows how the site visitors track across various locations over time. In case you see a spike in web traffic, for instance, you can cross check the peak against external events, like local conference and find out the reason. You can even try to type a question in the Q&A box at the top of the dashboard and get answer from the data.

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Microsoft Power BI Training

If you want to go further and explore the full capacity of Power BI features the best option is to invest some time in training. At New Horizons Ireland we deliver a wide range of Microsoft Power BI courses. You can attend them online, instructor led or in our most convenient option: Mentored Learning, which is a blend between online and instructor led at your own pace and in the way that best suits your schedule. You will be guided from our certified instructors the whole time through the labs and content.

Recommended courses:

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