Cybersecurity threats still on the rise - are you prepared?

Don't let data breaches put your company at risk.

Cyber-attacks are not something new in the IT industry, but despite their best efforts, companies still suffering attacks and being taken by surprise when it comes to cybersecurity.  According to the 2017 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach study, the global average cost of a data breach was $3.62 million last year.  Despite all the new and innovative tools and technologies Data Breaches are still occuring.

Lack of Preparation in the IT Departments

The best way to keep your team and your company protected against the new threats is to stay up to date and ready to take the action required quickly in case of an attack. However, the last report from LogRhythm showed that half of all organisations can detect a major cybersecurity incident within one hour.

Even more concerning, less than one-third said that even if they detected a major incident, they would be unable to contain it within one hour. It also revealed most organisations are only moderately confident in their ability to protect their companies against hackers.

Scenario for 2018

This scenario won’t get any better as the studies and the specialists are predicting an increase in the on-line threats in volume and intensity through 2018. The threats most likely to happen in the companies are the below:

  • Ransomware will persist and expand;
  • SSL, TLS encryption will hide more attacks;
  • Cryptocurrency cybercrime are on the rise;
  • IoT will grow as a threat vector;
  • Android is still a primary target on mobile devices;
  • Apple is on the cybercrime radar as well;
  • Adobe isn’t out of the woods
  • Malicious or criminal attacks are the main cause

As we saw in 2017 the main cause of the data breaches still the malicious and criminal attacks, the chart below demonstrates the proportion between criminal attack, system glitch and human error.

The level of confidence of the decision makers are not so high, most IT executives are only somewhat confident that their security software can detect all major breaches. Likewise, they are only moderately confident that they can protect their companies from hackers.

The lack of confidence and preparation results in cyber security vulnerablities within companies and the potential for huge losses to the company, as many companies experienced in 2017. The same study also shows that the faster the data breach can be identified and contained, the lower the costs will be, that’s why preparation in a key factor for the IT pros.

How to get the best preparation

The data collected from the studies shown that lack of preparation is the main problem when the topic is Cybersecurity related and can be also a way to diminish the direct cost in the case of a data breach. To address it at New Horizons Ireland we provide a wide range of courses designed to deliver the knowledge to attend your specific needs.

Cybersecurity New Horizons Ireland Roadmap

Click here to check out our Cybersecurity Roadmap to discover the most appropriate path to your career according to your security experience:

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