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Do you want to keep your staff engaged? Qualification is the key

New Horizons Ireland at TechConnect Live 2018 New Horizons Ireland at TechConnect Live 2018
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Talent retention is a big challenge in business, but with the right tools you can overcome it.

The bad times of recession are gone, and the reality now is that most of the companies are struggling to keep their talents as the market is much more competitive. Small and medium enterprises tend to suffer more as they must compete with much bigger multinationals, who have huge teams, and big budgets for high-impact employee retention programmes.

Added to this situation there is also a new concept of staff perception of what is a good place to work. Research among Millennials (people born int he early 80s) shows that far more than money, they value three key things: purpose, flexibility, and independence. It means that to successfully retain talents, companies need to go beyond the normal package. They need to develop a consistent plan to keep employees motivated, engaged and where staff can marry their purpose with the companies’ goals.

How to implement flexible schedules?

Most of the small and medium companies struggle to implement flexible working arrangements which would work for both sides, employees and employee. The main reason why it happens is because the companies don’t have the proper tools and features to allow their staff to work remotely in the same way as they work in the office. If you want to implement a feasible work from home policy the first step is to check with your IT team if your company has the proper features and solutions to do it.

We explored this point in a previous article, click below to access it and see the best IT tools to help through this journey.

Working remotely with Office 365.

Independence and Leadership

Sounds obvious to say that independence and leadership are valued by employees. Who wouldn’t value work with autonomy in their projects? Here again we are talking about planning and develop a strong corporate culture. We cannot expect from a staff member all the maturity required to act as a Leader in their roles, but we can develop and grow the team to achieve it. Maybe not everybody in the company is going to show the same ability, and that’s even better because the main purpose should be to allow people developing their own talents.

The key to build up independence is to invest in training. People spend most of the time in College, master’s degrees and professional courses focusing in specific qualification for their careers, this is how they get into the profession and compete in the market. Usually, they don’t have time to think about the development of their soft skills. Otherwise, the scenario today is different is proven that by developing those skills employees can be more productive, engaged and likely to reveal leadership talents in their own teams and projects.

Investing in training and development

Investing in training can better prepare your team for work, but it can also promote ‘reciprocity’ – a key behavioural science social norm whereby if someone does something for you, you then feel obligated to return the favour. Invest in your staff and show them that you care about their development through in-house and formal training initiatives it’s a way to build reciprocity. The results will benefit your business development too, happy employees bring happy costumers and this circle is a big step to success.

Business and leadership skills that everyone should have

The process of developing a successful career is something extremely particular in everyone’s life. Besides that, there are useful skills that might be always helpful. Leadership and business skills are one example.  The ability to deal with people and emotional intelligence is increasingly valued in every company world wide.

Leadership skills also have the added benefit of improving productivity and engagement in the work environment. According to the American Staffing Association, “68% of workers say training and development is the most important workplace policy, while 55% of employees say they think they could advance professionally if they were offered greater training opportunities.”

It is always a good moment to plan your personal development and what are the next steps that you should take to achieve your goals. It is useful to ask yourself which competencies are most critical for you right now. It is also critical to ask yourself which competencies are going to be more critical in the future for the next level job. Demonstrating those skills in your current job provides evidence that you will be successful in the next job.

At New Horizons Ireland we provide a wide range of Business and Leadership courses that will help you to develop your career and your skills. They are divided into the below paths, check them out and choose the best option for you.

About the training

New Horizons Ireland have a wide range of highly interactive classes with a significant amount of discussions, polling, and feedback throughout the class. Active participation is recommended to reap the full benefits of these courses for both the students and their classmates. However, that looks different for everyone. Some people listen and chat, while others interact verbally or with webcams (for online courses).

Leadership & Professional Development Courses

Boost your time management, become a better writer, perfect your communication, improve your customer service, develop your emotional intelligence, evolve into a transformational leader, deliver more powerful presentations, and much more within this curriculum of fully-immersive courses.

Outline and dates

Human Resource Management Training

As a trusted Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Education Partner, the Centre for Leadership and Development offer the best of Official SHRM Curriculum for the Human Resource professional, taught by certified expert instructors. Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned HR practitioner, these courses will empower you to help your organization excel.

Outline and dates

Business Analysis Training

More present in the companies than ever, the role of the Business Analyst is vital to the success of IT and non-IT projects. Our all-inclusive business analysis courses are designed to take a BA at any experience level and provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed at this all-important task.

Outline and dates

Project Management Training

As a Project Manager, you are called upon to lead your team in achieving specific organizational and project goals within identifiable parameters. New Horizons in partnership with The Center for Leadership and Development offers training for all levels of experience, from foundational courses to methodology courses covering PMI, PRINCE2, Agile, Scrum, and more.

Outline and dates

IT Service Management Training

Managing the complexities of IT is critical to an organization’s success. Understanding IT service lifecycles, following best practices, and understanding how to reap the benefits of a solid IT strategy are critical to the IT investments made by organizations. Our complete course offerings cover related topics such as ITIL, COBIT, DevOps, and more.

Outline and dates

All Leadership and Development courses


Popular Courses

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