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Do's and Don'ts of Video Conferencing Etiquette

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Tips to help you to master your video conferences and face this new work environment

Besides the over discussed topic predicting that working from home will be among the human beings forever, we better face the fact that is the option available right now. To help you with the challenge of being in online meetings for longer than before, we gathered some tips and tricks from experts and from our leadership instructors on how to keep the video call etiquette.

Punctuality, remember that it is a meeting like any other, so turn up on time is essential. You should click join in at least 3 minutes before the time if you can.

Test your equipment and your internet connection beforehand, it is never enough to repeat it. Always test your equipment and when it is possible, it is recommended to have a plan B in hand in case you get in trouble with your main PC.

Show up, just because it is online does not mean you should feel you have the right to just choose to not turn up. Be respectful and let the organizer know in case you cannot attend it.

Do not multitask, people can easily notice that you are doing something else, even if your camera is not turned on. If you need to answer an urgent email, for instance, let the group know that you are doing so.

Interact a little at least, remember that almost everybody is working remotely these days, so it is always an opportunity to build up relationships.

Turn on your camera: whether it is possible to always try to turn on your camera and encourage others to do the same. For the same reason as the previous item. Besides that, is much more productive to see each other’s face.

Blur or change your background: most of the applications for video conference offer this option, even with advanced features such as selection from your own image bank. So, if your background is looking a little bit messy you better choose one of the options available there and do not lose the opportunity of making a good and professional impression.

Do not eat during the call, it seems obvious, but with the work and home barriers being challenged during the pandemic it is easy to mix up the moments. Water, coffee, and tea are allowed.

Be prepared, even if you are not the host it is always a good option investing some minutes on prepping for meetings. Again, you should use the same mindset that it is an opportunity to build up relationships.

Dress up accordingly, be conscious about your audience for each video call. If it is an external appointment with people from outside your organization or clients, for example, you must be prepared to turn on the camera and be in a professional appearance.

Visibility check, you should always check if you are in alignment with your video screen. It is quite distracting to see just people’s eyes and head and no face.

Choose a quiet location when it is feasible.

Mute the microphone when you are not talking. Even, if you are sure that you are in a quiet background you cannot predict if the dog will bark, the child will cry, etc. If you are attending the meeting from your car, public transport, walking, or doing something else, let the group or organizer know it.

No sneaking out, in most virtual meetings, there is enough flexibility for you to attend part of it and then jump off. However, it is important you tell the person leading the meeting that you are leaving or tell them in advance that you will leave before the finishing expected time.

Speak up, you may have a great connection, a crystal-clear view of participants, and sound like you are in the same room. However, you do not know about the rest of the group. Even if you can hear teammates perfectly well, it might not be so in the other direction. Always speak clearly and loudly (but of course, do not shout), and ask if you can be heard by everyone.

Say your name, which is more applicable in meetings with a broader audience from different areas and companies. Under these circumstances is important to start by identifying yourself.

Remote work should not isolate, contact amongst team members is critical and more important than never. It is important companies, team leaders, and employees, in general, find out their best option to interact online and try to replace the interaction that most of the companies are losing since we are most of the time working separately.

New Horizons Ireland Training

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