From photo to colouring book in 2 easy steps - Photoshop

  • 11 May 2017
  • Author: Liam Phelan
  • Number of views: 1877

Got a kids party coming up and trying to think of something to keep them occupied? Or maybe you just want fancy doing some colouring in yourself. Or maybe you simply want to impress everyone with your photoshop skills. Well why not make a colouring book from family photos using Photoshop.

Step 1

Open your photo in Photoshop and make it black and white by clicking Image > Mode > Grayscale. Your photo should now be black and white.

Step 2

Filter > Sketch > Photocopy. Here you can play with the two sliders until you have your photo looking like a colouring book.

And there you have it. Just click OK to commit the changes. Now all you need to do is print out a few copies by clicking File > Print. And get colouring!

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