Highlights from the Cisco Cybersecurity Report

To help our readers, we have summarised the content with the most important findings.

  • 12 October 2017
  • Author: Liam Phelan
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Highlights from the Cisco Cybersecurity Report

Cybersecurity still a relevant and important topic for all organisations, it requires investment and constant training as the threat landscape is always changing. Cisco recently published their Cybersecurity report full of useful information, not just for those who work in the Cybersecurity field, but for IT Pros in general. The specialists expect that by 2021, cybercrimes will cost $6 trillion per year worldwide. It is time to put in practice all the best cyber knowledge available in the market.

To help our readers, we have summarised the content with the most important findings.

The distribution of cybercrimes

The graph distribution of cybercrime ransom attacks by region shows that Europe is in the spotlight.

The most risk attachments

Attachments have been a constant IT cybersecurity concern and they have a real reason for it, attacks frequently came with an attached file. The figure below shows that .zip are the most commonly detected malicious file extension followed by .doc.

Malware families

The most commonly detected malware families

The malwares risk

In the graph below you can see the list of the most commonly observed malware

Consequences for the future

The consequences of the data breaches in most of the cases result in loss of revenues and even loss of clients as the graph shows below.

The numbers regarding cybercrimes are increasing day by day, professionals in this area must be alert all the time. According to Kaspersky Lab, between January and September 2016, businesses experienced ransomware attacks once every 40 seconds, up from the previous rate of once every 2 minutes.

How to protect against attacks

Invest time in qualification is the best option to keep the cyber threats away from your company. Here at New Horizons Ireland we have experienced Instructors running classroom training in our locations in Dublin, Cork and nationwide. We also have online and part-time options for those who find it tricky to get out to study during office hours. Our Mentored Learning classroom in Dublin is open two evenings a week too.

Security Training Courses

The full Cisco report can be accessed in the link below:

Free cyber security assessment

Importance of end user cyber security awareness webinar

Data protection training in Ireland for the GDPR

Hacking tools and prevention cyber security seminar

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