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  • 28 February 2018
  • Author: Liam Phelan
  • Number of views: 1951

Did you know that 95% of data breaches are due to human error? How much do you know about your employees and colleagues’ ability to recognise and avoid common cyber threats that could cost your business a lot of money? Would you like to determine if and where there are any gaps in knowledge about safe online practices?

New Horizons Ireland is offering a complimentary tool to help you determine the extent that your employees can recognise and avoid common cyber threats like phishing, malware, and non-secure websites, which in turn will measure how well your organisation’s data is protected.

Please follow the below steps to access your assessment.

  1. Type in the following URL: and press the enter key.
    Or just click here
  2. This will take you to the login page.Under the "New User" section, enter in your 
    - Access Key NMWPHBOKKU
    - Then click on the "ENROLL" button.
    - Access Keys are case sensitive. 
    - Each Access Key can only be redeemed once.
  3. Please fill in all required fields within the Enrollment form. Your Username and Password (Password is at least 6 characters with one being a number) choices are case sensitive in future logins.
  4. After completing the enrollment form, you will return to the NH-CHOICE homepage.
  5. At the NH-CHOICE homepage, log in under RETURNING USER with your newly created Username and Password.
  6. Upon logging in, you will be presented with the NH-CHOICE "Course Screen", which will list the course your access key provided access to. Click the course tile for your course to gain access to the electronic components for your course.

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