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How Office 365 keeps email secure

Office 365 can help you to protect your Email and business

  • 5 December 2017
  • Author: Liam Phelan
  • Number of views: 2440

Security still one of the main concerns in most of the companies, with threats on the increase and a greater need to keep data secure.  And email is a common source of cyber attacks and an important gateway to many businesses. Given it’s often the main method of communication within companies, it’s important to have it secure. But with Office 365’s built in security, it won’t require a massive undertaking from your IT team to do so. Office 365 uses the latest technologies to keep email data private and protected from threats. These features are all built-in and update itself automatically, it means minimal involvement for the IT team. So, they can focus on what really matters.
Below you can find the 6 main ways Office 365 keeps your company protected and safe.

Keep your data private and under control

The main concern of the IT pros nowadays is about the privacy of data stored in the cloud. Unlike other hosted email providers, the Microsoft Office 365 don’t mine your data, which can possibly leak sensitive information, also Microsoft don’t share your data with third parties. All your data hosted by Office 365 still under your control, and just you can determine who can access it or not.

Manage external threats

The last Intel Security report said that 97% of people globally can’t correctly identify a sophisticated phishing email, they are becoming more and more specialised on catch people. That’s why email traffic control is a priority for all organisations to avoid malware. The attacks are constantly more sophisticated despite the safeguards. To create a barrier against the external threats, Office 365 gives you the option to use the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to protect your mailbox against new attacks in real time. Attachments and links are automatically evaluated for suspicious activity and the malicious content is neutralized.

3 Benefits of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

  • Safeguard against unknown malware and viruses
  • Real-time, time-of-click protection against malicious URLS
  • Report with URL trace and capabilities

Protection against potential internal threats

According to a CyberEdge Group defence report only 23% of the respondents are confident their companies have made proper investments to monitor users’ activities. Malicious and viruses can cause a big issue, but usually what causes data loss is user error. One example of the features in the Office 365 is the information rights management (IRM), which allows the administrators can control email access permissions, such as who can print, forward or copy sensitive data.
Another useful tool is the Data Loss Prevention (DLP), which can proactively scan emails and notify users before they send sensitive information, like social security or credit card numbers, for example.

Security access from mobile devices

We all live in a mobile society, more than ever. As a result, the level of threats for smartphones and tablets is also increasing. If in one hand, those devices allow us the freedom of working everywhere, it comes at risk of potentially compromising important business data. Together, Outlook 2016 and Exchange Online protect your email data – no matter where users are connecting.
The tool to manage the mobile devices is the mobile device management (MDM), which allows the administrators to manage access to Office 365 data across a range of phones and tablets, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Devices. Additionally, if a device gets lost or stolen or an employee leaves the company, security features help to prevent unauthorised user access. It is possible to remove Office 365 company data from their personal device, while still leaving their own data in place.

Stay compliant

With Office 365, you are no longer reliant on stitching various compliance solutions together. Your company email and all Office 365 applications automatically adhere to 10 rigorous privacy compliance standards across a variety of industries, including medical (HIPAA), government and homeland security (DPAS & FISMA), education (FERPA), and banking. With more than 900 controls in the Office 365 compliance framework, all Office 365 applications stay up to date with ever-evolving privacy compliance standards.

Continuous Updates

It is difficult for IT departments to keep security measures up to date, as they are changing constantly. On the other hand, maintaining the latest the version is the best option to keep your company protected against the sophisticated threats. With Office 365’s automatic updates your IT team can focus on more important projects.
Office 365 keeps upgrades and patches current in a predictable manner across all registered devices. With 99.9% financially backed uptime, you can count on your company email to stay up and running.

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