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How to Achieve Cloud-Powered Protection with Azure Active Directory

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Learn here 3 ways to get more protection with Azure AD

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity and access management service, which helps users sign in and access companies’ resources. They can connect to external resources, Microsoft Office 365, Azure portal, and other SaaS applications. From the internal side, they can access companies’ internal resources, such as apps on your network and intranet and any cloud apps developed by the own organisation.

In this context centralising user identity in the cloud makes it easier to provide workers with seamless access across applications and devices, it’s also helps to keep the data safe. With Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), businesses can take advantage of advanced identity and access management capabilities. We selected below capabilities which can be enhanced with Azure AD.


Empower users to use the resources and data they need to improve creativity and collaboration, wherever they are working.


Your data and IT resources will be protected with multifactor authentication and intelligent threat detection.


One centralised administrative environment to access and report user activities across all types of applications.


Achieve fine-grained control over user privileges, roles, and application access.

3 Ways to be get more protection with Azure Active Directory

1 - Password-based security with multifactor authentication

Passwords are always the main concern regarding cybersecurity and in fact they are one of the recurrent problems when a cyber-attack happens. They alone are no longer enough, and multifactor authentication is a security best practice. Azure AD provides a wide range of authentication mechanisms to block unauthorised access attempts more effectively—and to provide a more convenient sign-in process.

2 - Identity protection with intelligent tools

Azure AD Identity Protection uses machine learning to detect breaches, alert you to anomalies, and trigger automatic actions. The feature help to deflect and respond to sophisticated social engineering, phishing, and other cyber-attacks

3 - Discover, restrict, and monitor privileged access

Giving people administrative access to your IT resources is often required to get work done. However, if a privileged identity is compromised, it can lead to serious data breaches. Azure AD Privileged Identity Management helps you restrict administrative privileges to when and where they are needed, so you can reduce risk and vulnerability.

*The article above is based on the information provided here.

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