How to Bcc - Send an email without revealing other recipients

Outlook quick tip - keep email recipients secret

  • 29 August 2017
  • Author: Liam Phelan
  • Number of views: 1868

Do you need to send an email to a number of people but you don't want any of the recipients to know who else received the email? Or maybe you simply want to protect the privacy of all the recipients by not revealing their email addresses to other recipients? Well then, you need to employ the Bcc field (Blind Carbon Copy field). In this blog we will explain how to access and use the Bcc field using Microsoft Outlook.

Why Bcc

Putting all your recipients email addresses into the Bcc field and hitting send, means that none of the recipients will even be aware that the email was sent to other people. The Bcc method is therefore best practice when it comes to Data Protection.

I don't see the Bcc field

Well if you have Outlook open, and create a new email by hitting Ctrl & N, but you still can't see the Bcc field, you need to choose the Options menu and click Bcc.

how to access Bcc field

Bcc Only

Be sure to only put the email addresses in the Bcc field if you want to keep them secret. And that's it, once you have your email typed up, all that is left to do is to click send.


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