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IT Skills to Master in a Post Pandemic World

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Network professionals should acquire new skills to be ready for what might come after the pandemic.

The more we claim to have our pre-covid 19 life back, the more it shows that we will need to face a “new normal” in some spheres of our lives. Workplaces are not the same, shopping still not a pleasant experience, and the digitalization was never so easy and fast adopted. While much is still unknown, looking from the IT perspective network professionals should be the ones looking at how to revamp their skills, which technologies will come out stronger after the crises, what kind of projects to continue, and the ones that should be stopped.

In the article below we gathered expert’s opinion about this topic from and our own experience as an IT training centre with presence all around the world for more than 35 years. Upskilling is a constant reality for IT pros, they are the ones most affected with new technologies and updates. The difference is that now the world and work environments are experiencing a much faster change and requiring much more from their skills.

Cloud Computing

In the list of technologies that certainly IT network pros should focus on if they are not yet focusing is Cloud Computing. Azure and Amazon Web Services and leading the race and it is possible to say that independent of the size of the company they are already using a certain level of cloud in their network environment.

“Cloud-based design and cloud architecture will increase in years ahead, as companies realise that cloud-heavy infrastructure lends the necessary resilience to their operations”, said Paul Farnsworth, CTO of DHI Group Inc. to

According to Alan Deery, CEO of New Horizons Ireland, the high demand for Microsoft Azure courses show how the market is already reacting to the covid-19 changes. “Both companies and professionals are looking for Azure courses in a way that we have not witnessed before, even though we have been promoting Azure technologies for years. It is definitely a skill that I strongly recommend for IT pros”, concluded Alan. 

Cloud Security

Cybersecurity is not something new in the game, every change and move requires a new layer of security. It seems once again security will be a huge topic moving forward, said James Stanger, chief technology evangelist at CompTIA to “To cut costs and increase resiliency and be more flexible, folks are moving to the cloud. We’re also seeing companies that aren’t used to the cloud be increasingly surprised at the lack of control and loss of asset visibility the cloud can bring.”

Companies in general are especially looking for professionals able to think in a broader way in relation to their business platforms. IT pros who can think in cost-effective ways of shifting solutions when it is required, for example, when systems become unavailable or impacted while working from home or remotely.

With a huge quantity of workers working from home and some companies willing to keep the model for longer, the market is experiencing a high demand for professionals with the skills to resolve network access and issues and able to optimise network connections. In both scenarios, remote work and moving to the cloud, companies and network professionals must guarantee the quality of service and bandwidth.

Other Relevant Skills to Hold

Thinking about the foreseeable future any skills that support the work-from-home model will be in high demand. Besides everything related to the cloud, data analytics, automation, AI, chatbots, and IoT are expected to grow as well. Considering that, robust network and skilled professionals are a must.

Get Certified

One thing that still the same for IT pros is the fact that certifications are their main way to get hired and recognised. "If you get badges under your belt, you are more likely to get promoted and be more visible to other companies. Certifications are the best way to jumpstart a career as many organisations leverage IT certifications as part of their development programs.”, stated Deery.

For aspirants who believes it is hard to identify their abilities and which path to follow, it is always a good option to start from the basics, like attending entry-level courses and getting the exams related to those courses. When we are talking about Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, AWS, the main technology vendors, they already have a pretty much-structured career path, so it is easy to identify where you are and where the professional can potentially get.

Besides all gains, when a professional is certified shows that they are committed to their development and self-motivated.

IT Training Courses at New Horizons Ireland

As one of the biggest Microsoft partner worldwide, New Horizons Ireland provides a wide range of Microsoft courses, including Azure. At New Horizons Ireland you can choose the best option for you, online, online live, or instructor-led. Microsoft Azure is the technology of the moment and can help you to develop your business and keep your network updated and safe. Check out our courses.

CompTIA Courses at New Horizons Ireland

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