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IT Trends for 2019

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Check out the technologies that will be on the spotlight next year

As the new year is approaching, we start to see all kinds of predictions in different fields. Even though, in the IT area the evolution is kind of predictable and logical, still a couple of things that will be more relevant than others and catch the attention. For example, the market has been talking about Artificial Intelligence in the recent years, but now we see a more solid idea of what is possible to do with it and concrete examples.

In the article below we will explore the main IT trends for 2019 according to the specialists and the IT market.

Infrastructure and Operation

According to Gartner Infrastructure and Operation (I&O) will play an important role in 2019. To support digital infrastructure, IT leaders must be prepared and aware of the below topics.

Serverless Computing

As it was expected serverless computing is a growing trend, as eliminate the need for infrastructure and local management. Instead of managing physical infrastructure I&O leaders will need to adopt an application-centric approach, managing APIs and SLAs. In fact, the servers still existing, but the difference is the service provider is responsible for all the underlying resources involved in that environment.

However, this option doesn’t eliminate VMs and containers, so the best advice for IOT leaders and their teams is to learn how and where to properly use the technology. To develop these capabilities will be a challenge that needs to be achieved in 2019, as according to Gartner, more than 20 percent of global enterprises will have deployed serverless computing technologies by 2020.

AI Impacts

There is no news in the fact that AI technologies still on the rise and will help companies with large infrastructures keep growing without necessarily increase their staff. Regarding automation, data analysis is an important topic considering the whole machine learning potential. Companies are more and more aware of the importance of data and how it can help them to make good decisions about products, services, employees, strategy, and more. In 2019 we are going to see digital leaders investing in making more of all the data that they have collected, which will be done with machine learning and AI technologies.

Network Agility

With the growing of the IoT devices and 5G becoming reality, IT leaders will have the challenge to guarantee that their networks meet the demand, which is clearly on the rise. The network is the base for everything, from cloud services to the Internet of Things and edge computing, it’s the key to keep all working good and growing. Surprising some companies and Countries still struggling with it as a society we rely more and more in network availability and agility.

Connected Clouds

Connected cloud is not necessarily a trend, as it has been happening for quite a long time, but we will continue see the evolution and growing of the connected cloud adoption from  companies. Connected clouds will continue to develop to meet the companies’ changing needs—whether they want to cloud-source storage, networking, security, or app deployment. Major public cloud providers like Amazon and Alibaba are answering the call, offering private cloud (or in Google’s case, container-based) options. We are also seeing Microsoft via Azure, HPE with their 2017 acquisition of Cloud Technology Partners and their consumable IT services as well as VMware with their recent acquisition of CloudHealth Technologies all show increased commitment to connecting clouds.

Multicloud, it will the new buzzword for the cloud, which means a mix of workloads running in public, private and hybrid environments. Basically, what is expected is it doesn’t matter the cloud combination option that is running, but the experience needs to be seamless, secure and streamlined. 

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Edge Computing

One of the results of all the new IoT and other devices that are becoming part of our everyday life is that it will drive information processing to the edge and consequently, more and new things for the IT teams to deliver and manage. That means we’ll be leading more toward edge computing in terms of 2019 digital transformation trends. Analytics and data won’t just be for processing—they’ll be for processing in real-time.  Obviously, it will have an impact in infrastructure as well.


Even though, in Europe, we have data regulation since May 2018 under the name of GDPR, still some work to be done to say that we are 100% compliant. In August 2018 about 1/3 of the companies were not compliant and more than 1000 US news sites aren’t available in Europe because they aren’t complying yet. After the data breach scandals that we have witnessed in the recent years, the costumers are aware of the topic and much more well informed, which means that probably Data Protection Regulations will become a global trend soon.

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Talent Management

The IT talent challenge seems endless all over the world. The lack of professionals still a common problem for HR departments and IT leaders. Moving forward the new IT professional profile will require IT staff to work horizontally across stacks to identify and fix technology work stoppage sin their business. These hybrid operations will be critical for enterprises to expand infrastructure and operations skill sets, practices, and procedures. Therefore, we will see an increase in the need of these versatile and adaptable IT professional.

*The article above was based on the information provided by the 2 sources below:

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