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ITIL 4 Guiding Principles and Who Should Take the Exam

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Have you heard about ITIL®4 but still not sure if it is for you? Check out our article.

ITIL has become the standard in IT Service Management. It is a framework that helps organisations all over the world to offer their services with quality and efficiency. Under the new circumstances that the society is facing during the 2020 pandemic, ITIL is reaching even more popularity as a helpful framework to help companies to meet client’s demands and achieve digital transformation faster.

It is important to address that ITIL is a globally recognized framework which for the last 30 years has continued to provide comprehensive, practical, and proven guidance for establishing an IT service management system, encouraging consistency and continual improvement for businesses. In its fourth version provides the companies the tools and knowledge required to address new service management challenges, bringing cloud, Agile, DevOps, and digital transformation to the discussion.

IITL 4 Guiding Principles

ITIL®4 follows the 7 guiding principles below, which are extensively covered and explained in the course ITIL®4 Foundation.

  1. Focus on value
  2. Start where you are
  3. Progress iteratively with feedback
  4. Collaborate and promote visibility
  5. Think and work holistically
  6. Keep it simple and practical
  7. Optimize and automate

To achieve the ITIL®4 Foundation level students must sit the ITIL®4 Foundation exam after attending the course. If you want to know more about course options at New Horizons Ireland click on the link below:

ITIL® 4 Foundation

Who Should Get ITIL 4 Qualified?

  • IT professionals who wish to make a positive development in the organisation such as productivity and cost-efficiency.
  • People who have the fundamental knowledge of the framework and want to utilize it towards efficient business management.
  • Those who are already in the IT sector and want to enhance their skills, boost their expertise in the subject, and ultimately earn a higher salary.

It is important to mention that ITIL®4 is not exclusively for IT professionals. It can also represent a good entry opportunity for those who want to pivot their careers towards an IT environment without being too techy.

Job roles which can benefit from ITIL4

The classification below might help you to identify professionals who can benefit from ITIL4 to boost their careers.

  • IT service executives and managers
  • IT managers and Directors
  • Operations managers
  • IT technical support professionals and engineers
  • Quality analysts
  • Service-support engineers
  • The owners of business processes
  • Database administrators

ITIL4 Guiding Principles in Practice

ITIL®4 Guiding principles can be useful in all sorts of situations and not just in IT service management environments. The example below was extracted from an Axelos blog and it is a classic example of how ITIL can be useful in different spheres of our professional lives.

How to use ITIL when working from home.
  • Keep it simple and practical

As they say, less is more. So, when thinking about your home office think about how it can be practical for your reality and context. It is really tempting to look for inspiration on Pinterest and see that amazing and well-decorated options, which most of the time are far away from our reality. Keep it simple and practical by ensuring that you have enough space for the necessary equipment. A laptop riser could be used instead of a height-adjustable desk. Try to avoid unnecessary clutter, as it might only serve as a distraction.

  • Think and work holistically

It is important to keep in mind the separation between work and private life and do not let the working from home routine dominate our home environment. So, remember to take regular breaks and carry on with regular activities, such as exercise and hobbies. Relationships are another way to keep our wellbeing, so reach out to colleagues and friends and use this opportunity to see if you can support them in any way.

  • Collaborate and promote visibility

It can be difficult to connect with colleagues when most of us are being asked to stay at home as much as possible. Nonetheless, it is important to maintain these relationships to ensure that the team and the organization can work as effectively as possible. Arrange regular calls with the team and the wider business. This is to ensure that everyone understands their tasks and its effect on the wider organization. Professional relationships can also be maintained through social events, which has been made possible by video conferencing.

  • Continual improvement

We can use the continual improvement mindset in a lot of ways. Once you have done the basics and are engaging with your team effectively, you might find out that a proper office chair could represent an improvement for your home office setup. Certain issues may not have obvious solutions. For example, if your pet is constantly jumping into your calls, it may be worth investing in toys to distract it or put it into another room.

  • Service continuity management

The global pandemic has been constantly showing us how we can adapt ourselves to different situations faster. Businesses and professionals were forced to rethink themselves to overcome the loss of in-person interactions. On the other hand, technology has enabled certain organizations to carry on business as usual. Training centres can run virtual courses, for example. Moreover, meetings can be conducted via video conferencing software. A continuity management mindset can be applied even in simple things, such as dress up properly if you will be on the camera or creating a company-branded background for use in video calls.

As you can see ITIL has broad coverage and it is important to be constantly with the guiding principles in mind.

ITIL®4 Foundation Courses at New Horizons Ireland

At New Horizons Ireland we provide a wide range of IT Service Management courses in different modalities. Online live, mentored learning, instructor-led classes, and on-demand are some of them. Contact one of our Account Managers to check our options and choose the best course path for you.

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