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Learning at your own pace - New Horizons Learning as-a-Service solution

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New certification tracks

At New Horizons Ireland we are well positioned to provide the best way as possible training for you and your staff or colleagues. Our newest training option is the New Horizons Learning-as-a-Service (LaaS), which as a blended learning solution from our other options. It combines the New Horizons classroom experience and enhances it through our On-Demand content, award-winning books and anytime access to a live expert instructor. Basically, you can get the best of several different learning modalities – Virtual Instructor-Led training and self-paced learning.

Time is our most important resource nowadays and managing it properly is a challenge for most, we all want to achieve a good life-balance while being able to develop ourselves and ur careers. That’s why New Horizons Learning-as-a-Service is the option for those who may think they don’t have enough time in their daily routine.

What is exactly New Horizons Learning-as-a-Service?

It is a blended learning option combines self-paced learning and Virtual Instructor-Led Training, allowing students to learn at their own pace with the benefit of having the guidance of a mentor when needed, and accessing content to learn anywhere, anytime. According to Alan Deery, New Horizons Ireland Director the learning solution is focused on student’s needs. ‘’We are bringing learning to our students, on their time, however they want it. They have access to self-paced online content and custom eBooks available 24/7. But at the same time there is an instructor available when the student needs them, which makes the option totally flexible’’, stated Alan.

First two tracks: Azure and Data Science

At New Horizons Ireland we already have available our first two tracks, which are the ones in high demand right now. You can book your Azure or Data Science training, though the Learning-as-a-Service option and make the most of your time.

New Horizons Learning-as-a-Service (LaaS) Azure Tracks

New Horizons Learning-as-a-Service (LaaS) Data Science Tracks

Get in touch with New Horizons Ireland

To learn more about our Training options and which might be the right IT path for your needs, contact one of our Account Managers clicking here, they are ready to provide you the most accurate career advice.

If you aren't sure which is the best path for you, take our FREE AUDIT test and check what suits your skills. 

View all certification tracks here

Free Training Consultation

If you aren’t sure which is the ideal path for you talk to one of our Account Managers, they are ready to help you to achieve the knowledge that you need to boost your career. Into New Horizons Ireland website, you can also schedule your FREE audit with one of our instructors.


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