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Looking for Better Team Performance - Leadership and Professional Development

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New Horizons Ireland has the development paths for you and your team.

Across the globe, leadership skills are making a huge difference in a competitive market. The ability to deal with people and emotional intelligence is increasingly valued. Good leadership skills also the added benefit of improving productivity and engagement in the work environment. According to the American Staffing Association, “68% of workers say training and development is the most important workplace policy, while 55% of employees say they think they could advance professionally if they were offered greater training opportunities.”

There is overwhelming evidence that professional development training prepares enables employees to perform better. At New Horizons Ireland, we offer a wide range of course options to develop your team or yourself in Leadership skills. The courses are focused on the common issues that most companies face in their day to day business, such as constructive conflict, positive assertiveness, interpersonal skills, etc.

Investing in professional development is the best way for your company attract new talent, retain the best staff, and identify future leaders. All these improvements are also reflected in the companies’ profit, innovation, and growth. Another factor that is crucial in the leadership development process is emotional intelligence, which helps with effective collaboration, productivity, and accomplishment.

Our entire line-up of Leadership & Professional Development courses includes free post-class content, such as eBooks, quick videos, personal & team assessments, as well as tools & templates—all designed to help students continue their journey to ongoing success.

Three Development Paths

Professional Development

The professional path was designed to develop students to establish better relationships, expand emotional intelligence, prioritize time, thinking critically and accomplishing the best results.

Communication & Interpersonal

The communication and interpersonal path as the name says is focused on developing your communication skills through the different spheres of work and personal environment. The courses cover classes, such as constructive conflict management, positive assertiveness, the modern workforce, outstanding customer service, etc.

Leadership & Management

Focused on the leader’s perspective, this path was designed to prepare future leaders and master the ones that already hold the position. Topics, such as transformational leader, contemporary leadership in a complex world, coaching, managing remote and virtual teams, critical skills for leaders, etc.

Click here to view Leadership and Professional Development Paths.

Access below some of New Horizons Ireland courses available in leadership and professional development path.

  1. Constructive Conflict Management
  2. Strategic Negotiation Skills 
  3. Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence 
  4. Becoming a Transformational Leader 
  5. Leadership Excellence for Senior Management

Click to see all our Leadership Development courses.

At New Horizons Ireland, we provide a wide range of Leadership and Professional Development courses, choose the best option for your career. Our Account Manager team is ready to give the best career advice to you.

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