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Microsoft announces the Python Language Server in Visual Studio Code

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Integration between Python Language Server and Visual Studio Code bring new options to developers

Microsoft is releasing the Python Language Server, which is currently available as part of the July release of the Python Extension or Visual Studio Code. It is expected that the extension will be available later this year as a standalone component for use with tools which support the Language Server Protocol.

The new feature brings more flexibility and integration for developers, more than the previous solution, the IntelliSense for Python, which was specific to Visual Studio. Microsoft IntelliSense is a code analysis and suggestion tool that offers auto-completions for variables, functions, and other symbols in the code. According to Microsoft experts, despite of having a deep understanding of Python, IntelliSense can be restrictive.

The Python Language Server uses iterative program analysis to track variable types in a project while simulating code execution. The result is a black box that takes Python code and offers all the information an editor needs to for tool tips, completions, finding definitions and references, and renaming global variable. The server works with the .Net Core development platform on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, supporting Python 2.5 through Python 3.7.

Main Features

Check below the features of the July release of Visual Studio Code’s Python extension:

  • Syntax errors will appear as code is typed
  • It provides warning when modules cannot be found
  • The ability to use typeshed files to fill in missing completions
  • Improved performance for analyzing workspaces and presenting completions
  • The ability to detect syntax errors within the entire workspace
  • Faster startup times and imports
  • Better handling for several language constructs

Download the Python Language Server

You can download the Python Language Server extension for Visual Studio Code from the Visual Studio Marketplace. When the standalone Python Language Server arrives, it will be offered under an Apache 2.0 license.

*The article above is based on the information provided in this article.

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