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Microsoft Office Certification – Why should you invest in it

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Show off your Office skills in 2018

Microsoft Office Certifications 2018

Certification in the IT industry is the best way to show your knowledge or just earn a badge of honour. Microsoft exams are globally recognised, evidence your skills and demonstrate the ability to embrace and utilise Microsoft software. The Office 2016 certification paths were designed to show and prove the skills of professionals, help them to unlock opportunities and even increase productivity.

On average, Microsoft certified professionals earn 15% more than their uncertified peers. In a study group of 20 IT professionals who were provided with exam vouchers, 18 passed the exam. Five of the 18 have been recognised as leaders in their respective technical areas, and most have received a job promotion or are working on more interesting projects. The study was conducted by the Windows IT Pro.

Certification can also translate into increased productivity and this is what managers are looking for when hiring. According to an ICD/Microsoft research, certified new hires reach full productivity 39% faster than their peers. Also, 38% of IT professionals claimed certification helped them perform complex tasks more confidently.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) at New Horizons Ireland

The MOS certifications are divided into three levels: Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Office Specialist Expert and Microsoft Office Specialist Master. All of them demonstrate that the professional has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to productively use Microsoft Office. At New Horizons Ireland, we have the best instructors to help you through your Microsoft journey.

Microsoft Office Specialist

The first step to achieve the Microsoft Office Specialist certification is to do the courses here at New Horizons in order to prepare you for the exam. This first level is divided into four options: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. The image below lists all of courses and the exams related to them.

Microsoft office specialist

Microsoft Office Specialist – Expert

The second level is to achieve the expert badge, this step covers Word and Excel, with one more course and exam in each of them, to get the expert title. The image below shows the path that you should follow.

MOS Expert

Microsoft Office Specialist – Master

The last step and highest certification is the MOS Master certification. After doing the two lower level certifications, it doesn't take much more to achieve the MOS Master level. The combinations are Word course part 1, 2, and 3, plus the exam; Excel course part 1, 2, and 3 plus the exam; PowerPoint courses 1 and 2 plus the exam. You then need one more exam with corresponding courses in either Access or Outlook. The image below shows the courses and exams required.

MOS Master

View our Office Certification guide here

Check out all our Microsoft Office courses and choose the best option that suits your level.

If you arent sure which is the best path for your career talk to one of our account managers, we have and excellent team ready to help you and optimize your IT studies.

Complimentary Office Skills Assessment

Looking to find out what level of Excel, Word or PowerPoint you need to enrol in or simply looking to find out your level of expertise in Office? Well click the link below and take the test no, completely obligation free.

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