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Microsoft Teams for Live Events

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You can use Teams to schedule and deliver live events for large audiences, such as webinars, lives, etc.

Microsoft Teams offer the Teams live events as an extension of Teams meetings. You can use it to produce events for large audiences with more control over video, audience interaction, and reporting.

Check out below the step-by-step on how to schedule and organise your live event using Microsoft Teams.

1 – Open your Microsoft Teams App

2 - To create a live event in Teams, select Meetings on the left side of the app, and then New meeting.

3 - At the top of the dialog box, select New meeting > New live event.

4 - Add the meeting title, date and time information, and other details that you wish.

5 - In the PV - Microwarehouse - Power BI box, add the names of the people who will be presenting and producing the event. See below the definition for this to roles.



6 - Select Next.

7 - Under Live event permissions, choose who can attend your live event. For example, if it’s just for your organisation, for a specific group of people or public event.

8 - Make selections under How do you plan to produce your event?

9 - Select Schedule.

10 - Select the Get attendee link to copy the unique code. This is what you post or send to anyone attending the event, or for example, to promote the event and invite people.

Your live event now is Scheduled and you can distribute the link. If your event is public you can share the link around to invite people and promote the event on social media, for example.

Important Note: Once the event is scheduled, be sure to make any changes in Teams. Don't edit this event in Outlook.

*You can find the source for the above information clicking here.

Watch the Video Below to See How to Schedule your Live Event


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Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide

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