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Project Management 2.0 - More Collaboration and Creativity

How to Improve Productivity and Innovation - Embrace Digital Transformation How to Improve Productivity and Innovation - Embrace Digital Transformation
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A mix of Project Management right tools can bring your career to a next level

A competitive world requires professionals ready to deal with all the complexity of the new era, each day a new word is added to the glossary, digital transformation, project management 2.0, virtual reality, etc. The work environment is no different, technology brings new features and tools to the workplace and processes are constantly evolvng. Project Management is one of those affected areas. In the past it was mostly IT related activities associated with these changes, but nowadays more and more professionals are affected.

Project Management 2.0

The idea of Project Management 2.0 is not something new in the market, what is bringing more relevance to the term in the constant digital transformation that most of the companies have been experiencing recently. The Project Manager 2.0 is a professional with an approach that is more collaborative, team-driven and creative, which means that they hold the perfect balance between top-down and bottom-up parts of the process.

Key elements of project management

Basically, this professional has a bigger toolbox. The Project Manager 2.0 should be comfortable to navigate among PMBOK, PRINCE2, and ISO 21500. The PMBOK brings to the professional all the body of knowledge, while PRINCE2 is focusing on method and the ISO 21500 complements with the standards. Even though, PMBOK is more commonly used in the USA and PRINCE2 in Europe, both complement each other and can provide a high level of knowledge to the project, despite the location.

Examples of complements that the tools can give to each other in common project management topics:

The examples below are not the only ones, to succeed in the 2.0 era, the Project Manager also needs to hold ability in the Agile world, which brings more collaboration and interaction to the project. Agile management is well-known for increasing productivity and being responsive to changes.

Project Management 2.0 Benefits

  • Better communication
  • Clear vision
  • Views from different perspectives
  • Less routine work
  • Project leadership and communities

All those tools work better together to bring more effectiveness to your project and make your projects run smoothly and easily among the teams involved, as you can see below:

A PRINCE2 project manager needs a body of knowledge to call upon to be competent – PMBOK satisfies this need.

The PMBOK Guide requires a method that the whole project management team can adopt – this can be PRINCE2.

ISO 21500 defines what is necessary to create a system capable of producing a quality result and is the ‘tie breaker’ for vocabulary and tailoring.

Each has a different focus that in total, provides a cohesive approach.

PMBOK knowledge with the PRINCE2 method ensures a practical, actionable, intelligent and effective approach to achieving project success, adhering to governance requirements, and achieving ISO 21500 compliance.

How to be ready for the changes?

The key to overcome those barriers and develop a modern approach in Project Management is to invest in trained and certified professionals. At New Horizons Ireland we provide a wide range of course options in Project Management and Leadership and Professional skills, the right mix that can bring you career as a Project Manager to a next level.

Check our upcoming dates for the Project Management course in Dublin:

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Preparation


  • 9th July-12th July (Day 1-4)
  • 20th July (Day 5)

Click here to access all our Project Management Course List

Check our upcoming dates for Agile courses happening in Dublin:

Click here to access all our Agile Course List

Talk to one of our Account Managers to book your course and know more about New Horizons Ireland training options. 

Free Training Consultation

If you aren’t sure which is the ideal path for you talk to one of our Account Managers, they are ready to help you to achieve the knowledge that you need to boost your career. Or simply click the link below to schedule your FREE training audit with one of our instructors.


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