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At New Horizons, he completed three qualifications to prepare himself for the challenge of the certifications

  • 13 March 2017
  • Author: Liam Phelan
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Development of skills can take a long time, some people even believe that we are never ready, we always have room to go further. In the technology world, this is the reality, the changes are fast and the professional must never stop studying in order to achieve their goals and be prepare for the next trend. James Moonan, New Horizons students had the IT vein running since youth. “I always had an interest in computers when I was young, so choose a profession that was just a matter of following my personal interests”, shared James with New Horizons Ireland.

Now James is IT Engineer and working with Vmware, San Storage Infrastructure, and Cisco technology. He has two certifications and believes that this is the best way for the professional show his knowledge. “The exams give you the confidence to take on bigger projects and complete daily tasks”, said James. Certifications are also the way to prove your skills, once they are recognising all over the world and most of the companies hire IT professional based is their certifications and specific knowledge in some technologies.

At New Horizons, he completed three qualifications to prepare himself for the challenge of the certifications and as a way to be ready for the daily work routine. Microsoft Exchange Server and both courses that prepare for the CCNA, namely CCNA Cisco Interconnecting Cisco® Networking Devices Part 1 and Cisco Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2.

Exams are a constant motivation and one way to challenge yourself to achieve a high level of expertise in specific technologies. James is certified in VCP4 – Vmware Certified Professional on 4 sphere 4 and recently achieved the CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate exam at New Horizons. According to him, this is the best way to improve his professional expertise. “It is important to develop your skills and keep up the changing world of IT”. James advised who is starting. "If you are looking for a job or new position have an IT certification is essential. Is one of the ways to highlight yourself from others".

Being a specialist must require work and study hard, but this is what the companies expected. The more you specialise, the better the opportunities of increasing your earnings. James’s opinion show that he believes that knowledge is the safest path to achieve our goals. “Pick an area you like and try to keep your focus on that and become an expert on it. This will have a greater benefit to your career”, added James.

New Horizons student James is planning to keep his studies in VMware as his next step. With so many in IT talking about cloud computing and cloud services, James is doing his part keeping his knowledge updated in VMware.

Upgrading people every day is the New Horizons mission and we have been achieving this successfully through our 35 years of experience in the training IT market. Get yourself qualified with our mentors. We have the best team in Ireland to help you to choose the best IT path, courses, and exams.

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