Security Threats on the Rise this Year

Check out the top list of cyber security threats on the rise in 2018

The Cyber Security Risk Radarreport published by Integrity 360 in July showed the main cyber threats which were on the rise during the first part of this year. Most of them are well known to IT Pros, but the range and severity of cyber security threats has definitely increased. 

Even though, security is a common concern for CEO’s, board of directors, CTO’s and IT Managers, the threat are still growing at a fast pace, putting businesses from a wide variety of industries at risk of losses and even worst affecting in somehow their own customers. Aside of the investment in technology, companies in general need to invest in training and prepare their staff to acknowledge the risks and know how to act in case of an attack.

Below the top list of cyber threats most popular in the first semester of 2018.

Phishing techniques still relevant

Even though it's an well publicised issue at this stage, phishing attacks are still relevant. One campaign that targeted more than 550 million individuals across the world was discovered by analysts at Vade Secure. The cyber-attack outnumbered malware 21:1 over the last three months and were spread across the U.S. and most of Europe. They found out that the campaign was taking the form of coupons and quizzes in emails, where threat actors then include shortened URLs that are designed to steal banking information.

Pretexting on the rise

Pretexting uses social engineering techniques to gain confidence and access what they need to manipulate funds. It relies less on malware and focus on obtaining a social foothold in specific areas (as example: finance or human resources. This allows threat actors to orchestrate corporate wire transfer while posing as a high-ranking executives.

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Meltdown and Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre aren’t new names in the cybersecurity scenario. They are known in a broad portion of the world. Now, Intel and Microsoft researchers have revealed there is another vulnerability. The new iteration is called Variant 4, and it represents the same security risks that Spectre and Meltdown had – namely, giving hackers the ability to extract sensitive information. The only difference with Variant 4 is that criminals use another methodology, known as Speculative Store Bypass, to accomplish that task.


Since the internet is around, passwords have been a concern. Even though this topic is always present and there are loads of time and money invested into making passwords safe, they still a front open door for cyber threats. A new survey by LogMeIn shows that although nine in every 10 global respondents acknowledge the danger in using the same password across all their accounts, roughly six in 10 admit to doing so regardless.

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Orangeworm group

Orangeworm is an aggressive hacking group, which targets healthcare, manufacturing, IT and logistics organisations. They use Troja. Kwampirs to enter a backdoor on victims’ security infrastructures, taking over mission-critical systems and pulling their records. This kind of attack is very likely to only increase in the months ahead.

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SamSam is a form of Ransomware designed to explore network vulnerabilities, or brute-force password cracking. But instead of sending the same file to numerous targets, hackers create hundreds or thousands of iterations to deploy within one organisation. This allows them to overwhelm businesses with weak security strategies, coercing them into paying for its removal. The last Verizon report found out that ransomware are the top five most utilised data breach techniques in 2017.

*You can download the full report clicking here.

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