Everything you need to know about the Cisco Certifications 2020 Monday, October 7, 20190

Everything you need to know about the Cisco Certifications 2020

Cisco announced a couple of months ago the most significant changes in its certification program in 25 years. The new tracks are set to be released on February 24, 2020. These changes will address the needs of the modern network, requiring both infrastructure and software expertise. In this article, we explain more about the changes and what Cisco professionals can expect in the upcoming months.

Wi-Fi 6 Explained Thursday, May 2, 20190

Wi-Fi 6 Explained

Wireless technology is constantly evolving, our world environment is driven by more devices, more connections, and bandwidth-hungry applications. The networks already need more wireless capacity and reliability. In this context, Wi-Fi 6 comes in to supply all its demands and provide a better experience to the users.

How to build up your Cisco Security Career Thursday, January 17, 20190

How to build up your Cisco Security Career

The potential and real risk of a cyber-attack is a constant headache for IT professionals and Cybersecurity specialists. Cyber criminals are continually scheming new ways to infiltrate corporate networks and frequently they succeed. In 2017, 1,579 data breaches were reported in the U.S., up 44.7 percent from 2016. The figure is not different all over the world demanding more Cybersecurity professionals and opening new opportunities in companies everywhere.

How to master your Cisco ICND1 exam Tuesday, June 12, 20180

How to master your Cisco ICND1 exam

IT certifications are one of the best ways to show your skills in the technology field, they can prove to the employees your high level of expertise and how prepared you are to take the role. In the networking industry, Cisco is one of the biggest worldwide recognised vendors. To hold a Cisco certification is a valuable asset and help you stand out from the crowd.


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