Software Migration Made Easy Wednesday, May 31, 20170

Software Migration Made Easy

Software migration or installing updates is a big part of the IT routine in most companies. Sooner or later, it's something all IT professionals have to deal with. The main challenge is to upgrade without affecting the company’s business and the end-user’s productivity. Let New Horizons Ireland make the process as smooth as possible by taking part in our software transition courses and speak to our experienced instructors who can help you to avoid the most common mistakes.  

How to create a bootable USB for Windows Tuesday, September 1, 20150

How to create a bootable USB for Windows

Ah yes I hear you say but how does a USB replace my Windows install disk or iso file? This question has a very simple answer Bootable USB. A bootable USB is not something you have to go out and buy, any USB can be made bootable with a few simple commands.


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