How to Work Together Using Microsoft Teams Wednesday, May 27, 20200

How to Work Together Using Microsoft Teams

Since the pandemic forced a good number of professionals from different areas to work from home and remote, something that was more common for the tech professional became a common part of our society. More and more industries are realising that it is possible to have part of their workforce remotely, therefore tools to integrate and connect these professionals are in high demand.

Microsoft Teams for Live Events Monday, May 11, 20200

Microsoft Teams for Live Events

Microsoft Teams offer the Teams live events as an extension of Teams meetings. You can use it to produce events for large audiences with more control over video, audience interaction, and reporting.

Microsoft Teams - How to Create and Manage Your Teams Monday, March 30, 20200

Microsoft Teams - How to Create and Manage Your Teams

Since all of us got trapped in our houses to comply with the new social distancing rules and work from home recommendations, Microsoft Teams usage exploded all over the world. One of the reasons is because its use is intuitive and pretty straightforward.

Develop your Presentation Skills with PowerPoint Friday, July 5, 20190

Develop your Presentation Skills with PowerPoint

Presentation skills had become a must-have in any work environment. It doesn’t matter your job position; at some point, you will be required to deliver a presentation. And there is nothing worse than don’t feel confident about your ability to deliver it properly. At New Horizons Ireland we have been teaching Microsoft PowerPoint classes for more than 16 years and the best ally to achieve success as a presenter is by combining a deep knowledge about all PowerPoint tools and presentation skills.

The 10 Best Microsoft Word Add-ins Thursday, March 21, 20190

The 10 Best Microsoft Word Add-ins

Microsoft Word it is extremely popular in most of the offices all over the world. It’s a powerful tool and it can be even more powerful when used in its full capability. Add-ins are one example, you can easily access information on the web using it, you can look up items on Wikipedia or Google Maps, for example, without leaving Microsoft Word. It can also add more functionalities and fun to your documents and projects.  

The Differences Between Office 2019 and Office 365 Thursday, February 14, 20190

The Differences Between Office 2019 and Office 365

We selected in this article the main differences between Office 2019 and Office 365 to help you to decide which is the best version and licensing options to attend your needs. Office 2019 is maybe the one that people are more used to, as it’s the stand-alone suite. On the other hand, Office 365 might the one that professionals are hearing the most in the recent years, as Microsoft is investing heavily on advertising the subscription service option.

3D Models in Office 365 Monday, December 17, 20180

3D Models in Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is getting more and more creative in every new release. Automation is playing a big part in the new versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint, it's bringing new features and endless options to make end user’s life easier and helping them to develop attractive documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The 3D models is one of these features and it can help you to illustrate your document or presentation in a much more appealing way.

Microsoft Office Icons redesigned Tuesday, December 4, 20180

Microsoft Office Icons redesigned

The last time that Microsoft updated their Office logos was in 2013, when probably most people haven’t any idea what selfie was. A lot has changed since then and of course it changed the way how users interact with Office apps. Nowadays, more than 1 billion people from different industries, geographies and generations use Office almost every day, from different platforms and devices. What led the Microsoft team to dedicate more time to the redesign of their Office icons.   


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