The 10 Best Microsoft Word Add-ins Thursday, March 21, 20190

The 10 Best Microsoft Word Add-ins

Microsoft Word it is extremely popular in most of the offices all over the world. It’s a powerful tool and it can be even more powerful when used in its full capability. Add-ins are one example, you can easily access information on the web using it, you can look up items on Wikipedia or Google Maps, for example, without leaving Microsoft Word. It can also add more functionalities and fun to your documents and projects.  

SharePoint New Features - Summer 2018 Wednesday, June 27, 20180

SharePoint New Features - Summer 2018

Microsoft recently announced two new features for SharePoint, mainly covering new tools and more option for those who are thinking of adopting SharePoint. The first of them is the SharePoint Starter Kit, which aims to demonstrate the customisation possibilities of SharePoint. The second one is the Framework version 1.5, which brings new tools and preview features. We will explain both in the article below.

What are all those new Office 365 apps Friday, January 26, 20180

What are all those new Office 365 apps

If you use Office 365 you may have noticed a couple of different and new online applications beside the traditional ones, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. In this article we are going to review the most useful and valuable ones. All of them were designed to help in the collaboration process and make your life easier in the business context.


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