Tips to Boost your Online Learning Experience Friday, September 25, 20200

Tips to Boost your Online Learning Experience

We like it or not, online learning will be our main option for longer than we expected. For some fields, like IT professionals, for instance, even before the pandemic, it was a common way of upskilling and part of their daily routine. Leaving the predictions behind, the reality is that we can improve our learning experience with simple techniques.

Online Live Training Explained Tuesday, August 4, 20200

Online Live Training Explained

At New Horizons Ireland we have plenty of experience delivering online live training all over the world. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances with COVID-19 some companies and professionals are now facing the reality of online courses for the first time. As long-time providers and pioneers in this modality, we can guarantee the best experience for our clients. Our trainers are highly skilled in delivering online live courses, which means they know exactly the ways of interacting and conducting online classes.

Online Anytime - Attend our Courses at Your Own Pace Thursday, April 9, 20200

Online Anytime - Attend our Courses at Your Own Pace

Online Anytime (OLA) is our e-Learning platform to deliver your training and allow you to do it at your own pace. It’s part of our wide range of training methods to get your qualification covered besides the circumstances. At New Horizons Ireland we understand that each student has different needs and availability. Our training programs were developed to provide you all the learning tools to grow your career and achieve your goals.


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