Tips for using Pivot Tables to Analyse Data Tuesday, March 6, 20180

Tips for using Pivot Tables to Analyse Data

Analysing data has become an important part of any modern organisation. It can optimise our time and it can help us to make better and quicker business decisions. However, when you have a lot of data and aren’t an expert, it can be difficult to know where to start. Pivot Tables in Excel are a great place to start and can be helpful in the process of getting data ready to analyse.

Using Pivot Table Reports Wednesday, July 6, 20160

Using Pivot Table Reports

Before you can start using Pivot Table reports you need to ensure three things:

  1. Your data headings are across the top of your data, these will be used as the fields in the report
  2. There are no blanks in your data, this can cause blanks in your reports with figures that relate to no particular data
  3. If your data contains formulas, check there are no errors as these could lead to incorrect totals or error messages in your report

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