Develop your Presentation Skills with PowerPoint Friday, July 5, 20190

Develop your Presentation Skills with PowerPoint

Presentation skills had become a must-have in any work environment. It doesn’t matter your job position; at some point, you will be required to deliver a presentation. And there is nothing worse than don’t feel confident about your ability to deliver it properly. At New Horizons Ireland we have been teaching Microsoft PowerPoint classes for more than 16 years and the best ally to achieve success as a presenter is by combining a deep knowledge about all PowerPoint tools and presentation skills.

How to master your presentations Thursday, March 23, 20170

How to master your presentations

Great presentations do not necessarily equal extensive slides full of figures and data. Slides are much more about supporting your point, rather than being main subject of the presentation. Here are some tips to improve your presentations and help you impress everyone in the office.


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