Our Best Computer Cheat Sheets Tuesday, December 8, 20150

Our Best Computer Cheat Sheets

All these keyboard shortcuts have been put together into nicely designed and easy to print cheat sheets which everyone can download for free. After downloading and printing them out, simply fold along the guide lines and glue at the ends to make your own quick reference desktop cheat sheet.
How to create a bootable USB for Windows Tuesday, September 1, 20150

How to create a bootable USB for Windows

Ah yes I hear you say but how does a USB replace my Windows install disk or iso file? This question has a very simple answer Bootable USB. A bootable USB is not something you have to go out and buy, any USB can be made bootable with a few simple commands.

Getting to Grips With Windows 8 Thursday, October 24, 20130

Getting to Grips With Windows 8

So you recently got a new computer or you have just upgraded to Windows 8 and you are now wondering, how do I work this thing?

It is a bit of a leap from Windows 7 but don’t despair, once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite good. It can still be awkward if you don’t have a touch screen but with the help of some keyboard short cuts you can get around this.


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