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The Many Advantages of Digital Courseware

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Doesn't just help the environment

Even though the word ‘digital’ is completely inserted in our daily routine, sometimes people are still resistant to change. Sometimes it is just a question of realising how convenient the modern technologies can be. This is the case with ‘Digital Courseware’ and e-books in general. Microsoft courses are a great example of it. About five years ago Microsoft decided to distribute courseware primarily in electronic format and have seen great improvements as a result.

Digitally Highlight

If you are a huge fan of highlighters and your books are full of it, the digital courseware will fit you. The digital courseware distributor that Microsoft uses is Arvato and they have a feature that allows you to highlight using the yellow colour.

Assign Notes

Another important feature for who likes the old school style are the notes. These feature it is also available on the Microsoft Digital Courseware and allows you to make your notes and keep them organised in your e-book.


You can open your digital courseware library in your laptop or tablet everywhere. It means less weight to carry, and more availability for your studies and work.

The Search

One of the best advantages of digital manuals is the ability to search. You can search by keywords or also by your notes, which comes very handy to facilitate the process of finding something important when you need it. It is especially good when you are not sure ‘in which course’ a particular keyword or phrase are.

Updates and Storage

Arvato has taken the lead in promising and delivering free and automatic updates to courseware titles (restrictions apply), which is an excellent feature for customers. The digital courseware format also eliminates the need to dispose of anything when the courseware ages, and all information technology resources definitely age.

Saving the planet

Digital courseware is of course a greener option given that they require no paper. New Horizons Ireland is a very environmentally conscious company and we are always on the lookout for greener ways of doing business.

Read more about our green credentials

Whether the courses are online or in the classroom, having your courseware in digital format can be even more beneficial than a physical book.

At New Horizons Ireland, we provide a wide range of courses. Talk to one of our Account Managers and choose the best option for your career. Click here to see all our course formats.


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