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Totally Customisable Training

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We cater our training to your company's needs

New Horizons Ireland can provide customised training based on job role focused training, software migration, maternity/emergency cover.

For teams to ensure a standard base skill level:

Customised Microsoft Office course tailored around the team's role, day to day tasks and even the documents that they are working on.

A previously delivered example

Employees are required to submit a stock usage reports in an Excel Format. They are getting their source information from a 3rd party system as a csv file:

The Goal was to have a standard structure and formulas used to output the reports to increase efficiency.
• Topics included in the customised training:
• Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP and specific formulas such as CONCAT, SUMIFS and COUNTIFS.

We can bring in multiple applications in to these events and can even work on the actual files that the team are using. Our instructors can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or work with dummy data in documents with the same structure as production files.

We can drive use of organisation standard styles and fonts in this training where appropriate.

Migration to new software

Whether you are planning to migrate email from IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365, Google Docs or upgrade between versions of Microsoft Office, New Horizons can provide bespoke training around your migration.

The goal of our training is to help minimise disruption to your employee's individual work and to help the organisation realise the advantages of updates software. If they are just doing the same as job as before just on new software what is the advantage of the migration?

We work with your migration team/consultants to put a course in place that will allow you to take advantage of your investments in the technology. Often these events are short ½ day events that are focused on the individual teams to help them migrate to a new system with as little fuss and interruption as possible.

We also provide a floor walker for the training where attendees can call over and instructor while applying these new skills and get deskside training on what they as an individual are doing the new software.

For Job role, Maternity leave, Emergency cover for a job role

We can deliver 1 to 1 training on Microsoft Office that is customised around a job role so that you can get your staff up to speed quickly and as efficiently as possible. This training can be deliver deskside at your offices with a minimum of disruption to your team.

Contact us today to discuss your customised training needs.

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