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Why invest in a PRINCE2 certification?

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You can take your Project Management career to the next level with PRINCE2 certification. In this article we explain why.

Project Management roles are more relevant than ever in the market, not just for IT companies, but for every company that wants to keep their projects running smoothly and achieve their goals. In this context PRINCE2 is one of the most used methodologies in Europe for Project Managers whose want to guarantee their chances of succeeding. PRINCE2 certified Project Managers have great knowledge of the principles, processes, themes, techniques and roles in conducting a successful project.

A Senior Project Manager with PRINCE2 certification at their belt can earn up to €70k per year, according to This makes the methodology even more attractive for the ones who are looking to take their Project Management career to the next level. PRINCE2 is also known for being more a methodology than a rigid set of rules, giving room to the Project Manager implement their own style based on their knowledge and group of talents.

The core of the technical reference guide is explaining all the processes, stages, and the responsibilities and roles associate with it. The PRINCE2 focus is making sure that you really understand the project principles and process to manage them effectively. Empowered by this knowledge the Project Manager can tailor their PRINCE2 projects to suit the specific needs and approaches of their projects.

Another advantage for a PRINCE2 Professional is the fact that it is not tied to any specific industry or organisation type. Any kind of industry in any business can use it, despite of their scale and type of projects. All this flexibility expands your work options and possibilities, bringing more structure and organisation for your daily routine.

The Seven Principles of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 Characteristics

One of the main characteristics of  PRINCE2 is the business justification which gets great emphasis. In all the stages of the project you must assess the value of the work. Project deliverables are also extremely important from the PRINCE2 perspective, which bring even more ongoing value to the project.

The way that the methodology works allows more control for the Project Manager, therefore they will have lower risks and it can reduce the possible mistakes. Each step of the PRINCE2 journey brings a high level of control over the project. This is a characteristic extremely attractive for most Project Managers when they start to get in touch with the PRINCE2 principles.

When it comes to roles and responsibilities, PRINCE2 has a structure that values everyone in the project, where successes and failures are shared. The common language and processes contribute to consistent performance across the project. This point plays an important role in minimising failures.

Communication it is also an essential piece in PRINCE2, which leads to a high level of stakeholder engagement. The projects are broken down in stages with regular reviews. It's seems something simple, but it allows constant adjustments. It is also an opportunity to bring continuous learning process and improvement of the project.

PRINCE2 Journey

The best way of being recognised in the Project Management world is to hold a certification, they are a proof that you have the knowledge to conduct projects and the experience required to lead your projects to success. At New Horizons Ireland you can do both PRINCE2 courses recommended for the ones who are starting in this methodology.

PRINCE2 Foundation (from 12/11/2018 to 14/11/2018) it covers the fundamentals, including PRINCE2 principles, processes, themes, techniques and roles for successful project management.

PRINCE2 Practitioner (from 15/11/2018 to 16/11/20118) it is focused on preparing the students to the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam.

If you aren’t sure which is the most recommended path to your career or your team, you can contact our Business Developer Manager, Amy Byrne - - she is ready to give you the best career advice.

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