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Why should you consider a Data Centre Certification?

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So why do you need a Data Centre certification? Well Data Centres play such significant roles in our business and personal lives. All predictions show that this trend is set to increase as we become much more dependent on big data. Often referred to as ‘the cloud’ where our data is stored and processed, but they are much more than this. The cloud gives us the ability to pay bills online, access our emails, obtain money from ATM machines, watch movies, communicate around the world and to carry on what is now considered a normal, fiercely technological lifestyle.

Something that a lot of IT pros miss, is that there are the opportunities out there for people with Data Centre certifications.

And it's not just all about Data. A typical data centre will have redundant power quality controls and backup power system, data communications connections, environmental (cooling) controls such as air-conditioning and fire detection/suppression/prevention infrastructure, and a high level of security protection. Usually they have a raised floor with cabling ducts running underneath to feed power to the cabinets. The environment is controlled, with both temperature and humidity monitored to ensure reliable performance and operation of the systems within. Generally, the data centre is set up to back-up chillers, cabling, safety and security controls, fire detection/protection systems and water detection systems.

Although data centres can be in a company’s own facility, nowadays it is quite common to outsource the storage and even the computer and telecommunications equipment to a third-party’s data centre site where the company still has full control of equipment, but the overheads and regulations are the responsibility of a specialist service provider.

In this context, it makes total sense to invest in training and qualification to not just update yourself, but also boosts your career and guarantee that you can meet the standards required by the Data Centre Industry. As an EPI partner, New Horizons Ireland provides a wide range of training focus on what you really need and what can help you to develop your career.

The below courses cover all these topics in different levels for both situations, if your company owns the data centre of it they outsource it. At New Horizons Ireland we provide 3 different courses for data centre qualification depending on what are your special requirements.

Data Centre Training at New Horizons Ireland


A 2-day course designed to expose participants to the key components of the data centre. This course will also address key operations and maintenance aspects.

View course dates and price


CDCS is the advanced level for Data Centre Professionals and this 3-day course will further increase attendees to a level being a compatible sparring partner with suppliers and they will be able to verify offers provided by vendors for correctness, effectiveness and efficiency.

View course dates and price


This 3-day course is designed to expose participants to in-depth knowledge in managing data centre operations, which includes the following key subject matters such as; capacity planning, latest green initiatives, how to properly commission and de-commission equipment, compliance to safety standards, statutory compliance and international standards, managing people.

View course dates and price

Who is recommended to attend the courses?

The primary audience for the courses above is an IT, Facilities or Data Centre Operations professional working in and around the data centre (representing both end-customers and/or service provider/facilitators) and having responsibility to achieve and improve hi-availability and manageability of the Data Centre, such as: Data centre managers, Operations / Floor / Facility managers, data centre engineers, network/system engineers/data centre sales/consultants.

Free Training Consultation

If you aren’t sure which is the ideal path for you talk to one of our Account Managers, they are ready to help you to achieve the knowledge that you need to boost your career. Into New Horizons Ireland website, you can also schedule your FREE audit with one of our instructors.


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