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Word 2016 new features to help you on a daily basis

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The Microsoft Office team have been listening to user feedback and have made some great improvements to Word. If you have an Office 365 subscription we should see these updates now in Word. The result is some very useful and helpful features so check them out below.


Now you can translate phrases or documents in just one click in the Word 2016. You just need to highlight the phrase that you wish to translate, click with the right button and hit the translate option.

Once you click the translate button, a new column will appear on the right side of your document with the translation options. You just need to select the language that you wish your phrase to be translated into.

The quality of the translation is guaranteed by the machine learning technology, which improves the accuracy of the translation each time.

The new feature is powerful enough to translate an entire document into a different language. Go to the Review tab, hit the translate button and you have can hit the option ‘translate the document’. Once, you hit that on the right side of your document a window will appear to set the options and save the new document. We always recommend you have a look and check the translation made by the software before going ahead with the document.

Draw and write with ink in Office

Another new feature is the draw function which allows you to draw freehand, make annotations, highlight text, or quickly draw shapes. No special equipment is required. You can draw with a mouse, your finger, or a digital pen (on a touch screen). The exact features available depend on the type of device you're using and whether you're an Office 365 subscriber.

How to turn on the Draw tab

On the File menu, select Options and choose Customize Ribbon on the left of the dialog box. In the box on the right side of the dialog box, tap the check box labelled Draw. The Draw tab remains visible on the ribbon in this app until you return to this dialog box and turn off this option.

The option will appear in your ribbon as per below.

You can also pick up different kinds of pen, the colour and thickness that you wish. Eight effects are also available.

Pick up your options and make your life easy with Microsoft Word 2016.

Microsoft Office Courses

If you need more knowledge to develop your skills, check out all the New Horizons Ireland Microsoft Office courses. By attending a Microsoft training, you can boost your career and became a MOS – Microsoft Office Specialist, after doing the required exams.

Complimentary Office Skills Assessment

Looking to find out what level of Excel, Word or PowerPoint you need to enrol in or simply looking to find out your level of expertise in Office? Well click the link below and take the test no, completely obligation free.

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