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Working remotely with Office 365

Don’t lose your staff to lack of training options Don’t lose your staff to lack of training options
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Office 365 is full of features do make work remotely safe and productive

There is no doubt that flexibility in the work environment is something that works for almost everybody. But while some job roles require people in the office most of the time, some of them can be more flexible so being able to work remotely work is very helpful. But the key to allow your workforce to work from home, is to provide the right tools to do it. Microsoft Office 365 is certainly one of the best options if you are looking for more flexibility and control. It has been recognised as the number 1 cloud business application among enterprises around the world.

Working Remotely

Working from home, or remotely from anywhere else, is becoming more and more common in all kinds of industries and not just in the 'gig economy'. It is an approach that helps companies to attract younger members of the workforce, or even help working parents to find their work life balance. The part where most companies struggle is with choosing the best tools and features to implement it.

That’s why Microsoft Office 365 is the best recommendation, with one login the person will be in the same work environment that would be at work. With no hassle and no additional configuration. According to Alan Deery, Director of New Horizons Ireland, it is the most complete solution nowadays, which is partly why we use it ourselves here in New Horizons. “We have been talking a lot about the advantages of the Office 365 regarding to security and GDPR, for example, but it is also one the most easy and complete solutions for companies which are looking for to improve their remote options for the employees.”

One of the examples reported from Deery was in the last snow storm that put Ireland on red alert for 3 days. “All our staff were able to work from home during the storm, with no lack of productivity. When we got back on the following Monday after the storm it was easy to keep the routine and maintain the business running as usual without problems”, stated Alan. 


Office 365 most useful features


A convenient and secure document management system, SharePoint allows remote users to easily access, share, store and collaborate on a variety of documents with their colleagues from a single cloud-based platform.

SharePoint training courses


OneDrive is a storage service that lets you organise all kinds of data on a single “drive” on the cloud. With OneDrive, a company can share information among all its employees and even assign variable access rights. Moreover, instead of having to make multiple copies of a single document for distribution among different users, employees can simply co-author and collaboratively edit a single document. This helps address the issues of access and connectivity that many remote employees face.

OneDrive training is integrated into our Office365 training courses.


OneNote simplifies note taking and allows remote employees to stay organized and share their notes with their colleagues for real-time feedback. Even if you write a note offline, OneNote will share it with your team members as soon as you go back online, eliminating the need for you to keep track of what information you’ve already shared.

OneNote training courses.


Remote employees often miss out on the active communication that their on-site colleagues enjoy. To fill this void, Microsoft included the Team application in its Office 365 bundle. This app allows employees to actively communicate with each other through texts, calls, and video conferencing. In short, the Teams app is an excellent solution for any remote employee looking to stay in touch with their office colleagues.

Mobile Device Manager

It is common practice for employees to access emails and documents anywhere, from a range of different devices. This can be great for productivity, but it also weakens security, opening your business up to more risk. The Mobile Device Manager feature fully addresses this concern, allowing you to remotely wipe data from any of your lost devices.

Mobile devices training is integrated into our Office365 training courses.

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection protects you and your business in real time. Plus, if someone attempts to attack you, you can easily investigate which messages have been blocked, and why, plus who in your organisation was targeted. This way you can make sure all your weak spots are covered.

Those are just some of the features in the Office 365 there are more available to help your business and your team in the daily activities.

Training your team

To make the most of the resources the best alternative is to get your staff trained and certified in the Microsoft Office 365. At New Horizons Ireland we provide a wide range of Microsoft courses. They are delivered in a couple of different formats. So, you can choose the one that suits your busy schedule.

Click here to see our list of Microsoft Courses. 

Talk to one of our Account Managers, they are ready to help you in your career path or develop the best solution for your company.

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