Certified Data Protection Practitioner (CDPP)

Certified Data Protection Practitioner

Certified Data Protection Practitioner

The course will run on the 24, 25th and 26th of October with the exam being held on the 2nd of November.

Training Centre Delivery

This course will run in-centre via traditional instructor led training delvery, in New Horizion’s Ireland training centre on Strand Street Great, Dublin 1.

Course Costs:

€2,495 per attendee. Group discounts available on request.

Protection of personal data by healthcare organisations is critically important. For example, failing to meet the GDPR accuracy principle in relation to patient data is not only an infringement of data protection law. Far more importantly, it could have a serious impact on the health and life of affected patients. Likewise, a local authority’s example of possibly making an error in the GDPR integrity and confidentiality principle, resulting in the loss of planning applicants’ documents, could cause a difficult delay in their efforts to set up new homes. This course will discuss such topics within the frameworks outlined in the relevant EU and National Data protection Laws.

Organisations can be confident that their policies and procedures are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable data protection legislation by sending key staff on the ICS/ADPO Certified Data Protection Programme (CDPP).

The Irish Computer Society was the first organisation in Ireland to offer training in data protection, and the CDPP certification has proven to be a highly regarded award for Data Protection Practitioners since 2007

Who should attend:

CDPP is ideally suited to anyone who fulfils a role involving significant personal data processing in an organisation, across IT, administration, finance, project management, human resources, sales & marketing, healthcare customer support, etc in both public and private sectors.  

This three-day course provides a detailed overview and analysis of data protection principles, the GDPR obligations, and relevant roles in an organisation, rooted in practical application.

The course places an emphasis on relatable, real-world examples to back up the course content.

Please note, the CDPP certification assists with the necessary professional qualifications required for entry to the DCU Graduate Certificate course in Data Protection .

The aim of the CDPP course is to develop and certify candidates who have successfully completed training and to identify that they:

  1. Have developed an understanding of the need for European Union and National Data Protection laws 
  2. Understand how Data Protection laws work and how they meet international obligations
  3. Are able to apply Data Protection laws across a range of common situations 

The syllabus is comprised of eight parts:

  1. Background to the Laws
  2. Basic Definitions
  3. The Data Protection Principles 
  4. The Data Subject’s Rights
  5. Regulation and Enforcement
  6. Overseas Transfer of Data
  7. Exemptions
  8. Practical Guidance and Conclusion

On completion of the training course, the Training Provider will schedule the examination which must be passed to obtain the CDPP certification.

The CDPP certification is renewable annually, on verification of the holder’s relevant CPD in the topic.

Included in your CDPP course fee is your first-year membership of the Association of Data Protection Officers and/or the Irish Computer Society.

Instructor Profile:

Fintan Swanton is a Senior Consultant and founding Chairman of the Association of Data Protection Officers, and is a Fellow & past President of the Irish Computer Society. Past employers include The Sunday Business Post, AIB, and Prudential Europe. He has over 30 years’ experience in ICT. Fintan holds a Master of Laws (LLM) Degree, specialising in European Data Protection law and Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as a Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Computing for Commerce and Industry. He is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional, Certified Data Protection Officer, Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified Information Security Manager. Fintan collaborates with the Association of Data Protection Officers and the Irish Computer Society, developing, updating,  and presenting their data protection training programmes. In 2017 he was appointed to the European Commission Multistakeholder Expert Group on the operation of the GDPR. As a group member, Fintan provides professional opinions and feedback to the Commission on how the GDPR should be applied in practice


“Our experience with the consultancy and training options offered by Cygnus Consulting has been excellent. You can tell they care and are passionate about all aspects of Data Protection. I would have no hesitation recommending their services.” – Mark Dunne – Galway Co. Council


“An invaluable asset to us in preparing for the GDPR and seeing us through the first year after its introduction. After initially performing an in-depth data protection audit, Fintan Swanton subsequently became our DPO, providing a great deal of advice, training, and expert knowledge. Cygnus was always available to respond to data protection questions and guide on making decisions around data protection.” – Prof. Kerri Clough, Director, National Cancer Registry Ireland.


“Its data protection audit recommendations helped us to create a strong data protection regime, ensuring that all aspects of the new regulations were implemented in the organisation.  We were subsequently audited by the Data Protection Commission. Its findings were very favourable, proving the value of the work Fintan Swanton did with us.  We were satisfied with the results from both cost and time perspectives, and have engaged Fintan again to conduct our annual data protection audit.” Jean Walton, Data Protection Officer, Turas Nua Ltd.

Certified Data Protection Practitioner (CDPP)


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