Class Enrolment Guide

Instructions on how to access your course.

1: Test Your Access

1. In your class confirmation email you find your course link, username and password.


2. Please immediately test that you have access to the course link, by logging in with your username and password.


2. Test the virtual classroom

1. Please agree to recording in order to have access to the class recordings later.



2. Next we will need to test the virtual classroom.


4. If you haven't used Zoom before, please click the "download now" button.

5. Install Zoom

6. If already have zoom please click "Open Zoom Meetings".


8. When the meeting starts automatically, please enter your name.

9. Please choose "Join with computer audio".


10. Please perform the speaker test and select yes if you can hear the ringtone.


If the answer is “No”, begin the speaker test again by selecting the button next to the “Speaker 1” dropdown menu in order to change your device.

11. Please perform the microphone test by recording your voice. The system will playback the recording. Please select "yes" if you can hear it.


If the answer is “No”, begin the audio test again by selecting the button next to the “Microphone 1” dropdown menu in order to change your device.

12. Zoom test environment.

  1. Microphone (Mute/Unmute)
  2. Camera (Start/Stop)
  3. Participants (Hide/Unhide)
  4. 3.1 See who is logged-in in the test meeting. 
    3.2 Hosts and presenters can monitor attendee names, roles and statuses. The active speakers are also displayed in real time.

  5. Chat (Hide/Unhide)
  6. 4.1 Chat panel

  7. Share Screen Button
  8. Leave the meeting button


13. Please use the "Leave" button down the bottom right once you have completing all testing.

14. You must return to LMS and check the box to the right “I have successfully tested the virtual classroom”.


You have now completed all the necessary system checks and are ready for your training.

3. On the day of your training

1. Please click the course link button to launch your class 20 minutes prior to class start time.


2. Check the box "Always allow newhorizons.zoom to open links of this type in the associated app".

Use the button Open Zoom Meetings.


3. Please enjoy your class.


Please click on the issue to see the solution.

  1. Confirm your machine meets the minimum system requirements by running the System Check. Do not connect to a VPN during your class.
  2. Please use a wired connection vs Wifi for the best performance.
  1. Verify your computer speakers are on and at an audible volume level
  2. Run the “test speaker and microphone” from the microphone button.
  1. Make sure your computer microphone is not muted on menu bar.
  2. Run the “test speaker and microphone” from the
    microphone button.
  3. Close the room and reconnect your microphone.

Click the full screen arrow at the top right corner of the share window.

Try refreshing your screen.If that does now work, please contact your local admin and check your firewall settings.