Cybersecurity breaches continue to rise, and organisations recognise that security is the responsibility of the entire business. In order to help out, here at New Horizons we are offering a range of cybersecurity resources to help mitigate and prevent the growing sophistication of cyber-attackers and build cyber-safe practices and systems.

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Cybersecurity Tips

In order to help out with the ever increasing cybersecurity dangers that all organisation face, day in, day out. We have put together a collection of cybersecurity tips, resources and webinars for you to take advantage of.

More tips and resources will be added throughout October, so keep coming back for more.

Disable Cookies

Disable Cookies

Did you know enabling cookies could compromise your security? Watch
our tip of the day to learn how to prevent cybercriminals from accessing
your personal information via cookies.

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Multifactor Authentication
Multi-Factor Authentication

Did you know there’s a quick way to add an extra layer of protection to your accounts? Watch our tip of the day to learn more about multifactor authentication.

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Naming your router

Naming Your Router

If you own a router, you must know how to protect it from cyberattacks. Watch our tip of the day to learn a quick and easy way to keep your router secure.

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Protecting Your Passwords
Protecting Your Passwords

Taking a few simple steps to secure your accounts can make all the difference. Watch our tip of the day to learn how to create and store strong passwords.

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Sender Beware
Sender Beware

If you're not careful, it's easy to fall for email scams. Watch our tip of the
day for four simple ways to properly verify if an email is legitimate.

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Smart Speaker Safety
Smart Speaker Safety

Do you ever worry about all the information your smart speaker is
capturing and storing? Watch our tip of the day to learn how to
eliminate the data stored on your smart speaker.

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