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Data, The New Global Currency Driving Business Value

DATE:  01/13/2022 View Recording

Tags: Big Data

AWS Security Fundamentals & Preparing for a Career in Cloud Security

DATE:  12/07/2021 View Recording

Tags: AWS

What’s New with Citrix?

DATE:  12/01/2021 View Recording

Tags: Citrix

Demystifying Agile, DevOps, Traditional Project Management and Six Sigma for Leaders.

DATE:  11/09/2021 View Recording

Tags: Career Development|Project Management|Leadership and Professional Development

Microsoft Office Tips & Tricks

DATE:  11/04/2021 View Recording

Tags: Microsoft Office|Office 365

Fundamentals of Power BI - Putting Your Data into Action

DATE:  11/02/2021 View Recording

Tags: Vendor Technical

Matching Cybersecurity Skills to Jobs, A Step to Bridge the Skills Gap

DATE:  10/26/2021 View Recording

Tags: Cybersecurity

Explore the EC-Council Cyber Security Ecosystem

DATE:  10/21/2021 View Recording

Tags: Cybersecurity

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Are you ready?

DATE:  10/13/2021 View Recording

Tags: VMware|Cybersecurity

Cross-Functional Teams Excellence

DATE:  10/12/2021 View Recording

Tags: Career Development|Leadership and Professional Development

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